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You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Jerusalem, Israel and Tel Aviv. On these pages you will find the more details about us and our offices.

What makes Tel Aviv a great destination

Why Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the city where the State of Israel was born and Tel Aviv is not so old either. Only 55 miles from Jerusalem - but many more miles away when it comes to atmosphere and living life, Tel Aviv is a mediterrean city with lovely beaches and a partying scene that rivals Ibiza. It is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. 

Tel Aviv is a city of light, where cafes and bars line the streets, people happily walk their dogs and life is relaxed and easy. Our city has fantastic hotels, great restaurants, wonderful shops and art and craft markets, a gorgeous Design Museum Holon and street theater. 

The ancient port of Jaffa slowly became part of Tel Aviv, a part of Israel which dates back to the Bronze Age. Its old streets, ancient buildings and courtyards have been restored and it forms an intriguing contrast with modern Tel Aviv. Jaffa flea market is well worth a visit.

As the distances are short - Tel Aviv makes a lovely combination with Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada and the Dead Sea.

We would be delighted to assist you with exciting programs to Tel Aviv. 

 At Eshet Incentives & Conferences DMC, we know the best venues, the intimate restaurants, the special touches that make events and incentives in Tel Aviv magical.

Incentive program idea

Program idea Tel Aviv

We have added a lovely program idea to show you what we can do for you and your clients in Tel Aviv. We would be happy to send you other programs in Israel. Just let us know what you need at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My team and I are at your disposal.

Tel Aviv Sample program

Day 1

 Guest's arrival.
Welcome party dinner.
Guests will be met by airport assistant after the passport control and before the luggage claim.
An Airport representative will be meeting group holding a logo.
Guest to be escorted to their guide's and transfer
Notes: Group of 200 people needed 4 buses; 4 guides
Optional: Meeting ladies with roses upon arrival.
National folklore meeting guests at airport after passport control and welcoming guests to Israel By a special dancing performance and National back group music.

After meeting guests – depart for hotel in Tel Aviv with a 53 seater comfortable coach
During driving National Dates to be offered for guests
Driving distance: Ben Gurion Airport –
Tel Aviv City – 21.4 KM
Fast check-in at the hotel upon arrival, separate area for the group with welcome non alcoholic drinks
While guests will have their check-in, bellboys will take luggage to guests' rooms
Note: program will be depending on flight schedule
After a short rest – departure for Jaffa tour & a welcome dinner party.
Transfer from hotel by a comfortable coaches

Walking by narrow streets of Old Jaffa with its unique and charming galleries
Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the Mediterranean. For over 5000 years Jaffa has served as a gateway between east and west, north and south, a cosmopolitan city that witnessed the passage of warriors, pilgrims and visitors, goods, ideas, fashion, and stories.
Jaffa, one of the World's most ancient port cities, where stone buildings, narrow passages and picturesque courtyards recall the rich past of this charming city.
Old Jaffa is alive and houses a thriving artists' colony. The twisting passages will reveal antiquities and coins, Ceramics, silk art, impressionist paintings, hand-woven goods and exquisite jewels, all born in an atmosphere inspired by the surroundings.
Arriving to Jaffa hill, meeting with welcome glass of cava reception & music
Each guest will receive a torch with fire and will walk for the Dinner part place – which is location in an Old Historical building


At Laurens Gallery we hold private parties which are planned meticulously from the beginning till the end while paying attention to all minor details.
After party, transfer back to the hotel or continue to cover and uncover Tel Aviv nightlight
After Dinner, from 11 PM to 3 AM
You will have a chance to understand why Tel Aviv called the city that never sleeps. We will take our bus to a famous night club and will enter the clubs VIP style. With a designated area in each club- you can dance, drink and do some people watching.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2

Traditional Israeli breakfast at hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
After breakfast – full day conference at hotel
Coffee break includes 1 or 2 coffee breaks & lunch at dining room – reserved area for the group
Optional & TBA:
 Giving names and theme to the coffee breaks – TBA

After conference driving to Jerusalem (approximately 1 hour drive)
Driving distance: 65.0 km, 56 mins

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is Israel's largest city with a population of 763,800 residents. Located in the Judean
Mountains, between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the boundaries of the Old City. The city is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. Snow flurries usually occur once or twice a winter, although the city experiences heavy snowfall every three to four years, on average, with short-lived accumulation. Jerusalem has been sacred to Judaism for roughly 3000 years, to Christianity for around 2000 years, and to Islam for approximately 1400 years. The 2000 Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem lists 1204 synagogues, 158 churches, and 73 mosques within the city.

Start the tour with Jerusalem overview

Recommend: Shehecheyanu blessing - It is said to be thankful for new and unusual experiences.
It is being done with Challah bread bread & Wine

 Description: The Shabbat is a lifetime Experience –
Guests will have the opportunity to experience an authentic Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) evening at the Western Wall and home of a host family in the heart of Jerusalem.
Group will be met at the Western Wall and receive an informative introduction to Shabbat in Jerusalem at the Western Wall followed by home hospitality including a fivecourse meal.
Shabbat guide's speaks English (tour guide will be translating)
Group of 200 pax will be splitted in between up to 8 families
Program description:
 Meet host before Shabbat and receive an "Introduction to Shabbat"
 Discover the Biblical significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and learn about the history and importance of the Western Wall.
 Experience the Western Wall on Friday night with time for reflection during the most special time of the week.
 Observe and understand the diversity of worshipers who gather at the Western Wall and learn about the unique prayers that welcome the Shabbat.
 Participate first-hand in a traditional Shabbat dinner with a family at their home while feasting on a variety of home-made cuisine from nine Jewish communities around the world.
After dinner, drive back for Tel Aviv
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 3

 Saturdays at hotels is a unique experience.
We recommend to taste Jachnun (is a traditional Yemenite Jewish dish prepared from rolled dough which is baked on very low heat for about ten hours)
After breakfast – depart for Dead Sea area, Masada
Driving distance: Jerusalem – Masada - 96.3 km, 1
hour 22 mins
Group will visit Masada, one of the most famous historical and archaeological sites in Jewish history. The abundance of well-preserved ruins unearthed by the diggings make this visit an interesting and
impressive experience. A cable car makes the ascent from the east side of this cliff towering above the Dead Sea basin. The excavations at Masada unearthed two major findings: The well-appointed fortress built by Herod, decorated with frescoes, mosaics, handsome patios and colonnades and traces of remarkably simple and functional structures for housing and command headquarters were left by the Zealots, a Jewish faction resisting the Romans. The site served, for a short period, as a refuge for these inspired patriots.
Note: Group will have an opportunity for Shopping for Dead Sea Cosmetics AHAVA:
AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetic's Shop at Masada

 After visit of Masada National Park – Continue to a Dead Sea hotel for a refreshing pause and picnic
The Dead Sea - part of the Afro-Syrian Rift, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, about 380 meters below sea level. Rich in minerals, the Dead Sea attracts vacationers from around the world who come to enjoy the thermo-mineral springs, in Dead Sea water, the bromine-saturated air and of course a float in the salty waters is a must!
Lunch & Swim at Crowne Plaza Dead Sea hotel

Optional: Lunch & Swim at Herods Dead Sea hotel

Note: The hotel's spa at guests order: Jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna, indoor salt and outdoor regular swimming pools.
Crowne Plaza Dead Sea: Guests will have a towels and lockers
Herods Dead Sea: Guests will have a kit of bath robes, shower kit, lockers, and towels
Optional: MUD FESTIVAL with DJ on a private hotel's beach

After lunch relaxations – drive for the Bedouin party
Kfar Hanokdim – Sheppard village event
In the Kana'im valley which is in the Judean desert, between the city of Arad ancient Masada, lies Kfar Hanokdim. It is a green oasis shaded by palm trees and crowned with biblically inspired gardens.
Merely walking into Kfar Hanokdim reveals a picturesque scene. Bedouin tents comfortably fitted with colorful rugs and mattresses.
Divans (Function halls) built from wood and local stone and decorated with carpets and fabrics woven from black goat's hair. Desert style guest rooms amongst conveniently positioned shady seated areas.
Kfar Hanokdim, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Judean desert, offers relaxed desert hospitality, a real break from daily life. 

Guests walk into a lively Bedouin market that has camels and donkeys and a variety of stalls. A traditionally dressed Bedouin host offers Bedouin tea and Turkish coffee for the guests to taste. Out of a large copper pot guests are served with a cool refreshing lemon and mint drink.
The market's 'vendors' invite the guests to come and taste the goods that are abundant on the stalls: A stall of various Middle Eastern delights, a stall of dried fruits, a stall of natural cold drinks, a stall of Arabic cookies, a stall of hot drinks, a stall of various kinds of nuts and a stall of Pourna Pita bread.

All Haflas Meals include this special Bedouin Hospitality
Bedouin hafla
All Haflas share the same abundance and variety of food with the difference of the meat menu served. Bedouin hosts welcome all guests and invite them to relax and sit on soft colorful sofas next to low tables,
laden with delicacies. Alternatively, guests can find high wooden chairs and tables. In the centre of the tables are small oriental bowls filled with colorful salads: spiced Arabic salad, thick tahini, homemade pickles, spicy matbuha, fried eggplant with mint, cabbage and ground pepper.
Alongside the salads there are jugs filled with cool fresh water and mint lemonade.
As guests settle down comfortably, your Bedouin hosts serve big trays laden with homemade pita: thin Fatir (Bedouin pita) and Pourna pita with onion and hyssop. Soon your hosts come again carrying big Sanias with seasoned Bedouin rice and vegetables together with Stuffed vegetables and sweet corn arranged around it.
And then, from the kitchen come trays laden with succulent meat to your choice:
Dinner option #1:
The Mouctar's Feast - Choice Lamb pieces garnished with parsley and skewered tender chicken.
Dinner option #2:
The Sultan's Delicatessen
Ribs of lamb garnished with parsley, skewered tender chicken, and Entrecote skewers.
Additional beverages: orange juice and sunrise juice
All dishes are lavish, in accordance with Bedouin hospitality.
To complete the meal guests are offered spiced Bedouin tea and Turkish coffee, baklava (sweet pastries) and
seasonal fruits.
Desert coffee house:
After this amazing feast your party will be invited to the area designed as a Desert coffee house: A traditional Bedouin tent decorated as an authentic Middle Eastern coffee house: comfortable low seating on
colorful mattresses and cushions, Nargilla water pipes and backgammon games. At the coffee house we serve a selection of appetizers, mint lemonade, Bedouin tea, Turkish coffee, beer and the Kfar's house wine.

Parallel to the coffee hours, group will be invited to a bonfire.
Guests sit on benches around a fire and roast potatoes, onions and marshmallows.
Into the coffee house a Belly dancer will enter
Belly dancing is the perfect expression of feminine sensuality.
The belly dancer hypnotizes the audience in a colorful show.
After celebration – drive back Tel Aviv
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 4
Breakfast at hotel's dining room
Check-out hotel & depart for airport
Should be at airport 2.5 hour prior flight

 Eshet DMC specialises in incentives, events, groups, gala dinners, conferences and meetings in Tel Aviv.



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