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  Destination Rio de Janeiro

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Why Brazil is a great destinationl
Incentive program ideas
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You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Here you can read more details about us and our offices.

What makes Rio de Janeiro a great destination

Why Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, its beaches made famous by the unforgettable "Girl of Ipanema" song, which conjures visions of beautiful Brazilians strolling down the Ipanema beach. And of course, it's not the only beach we have...

Already 450 years old, Rio has always been a thriving, pulsating city, ruled by the samba and bossa nova, where life is enjoyed to the fullest. Dinners stretch endlessly and don't think anything of queuing up at midnight for a table in one of the popular restaurants.
Christ The Redeemer dominates the skyline, vieing with Sugar Loaf and its cable car and there is time to enjoy it  whilst sipping our  national drink - the famous "Caipirinha": made with an alcohol called cachaça, mixed with lemon, sugar and ice.

Plenty to do in festive Rio, and we would be delighted to assist. We would love to suggest a program that fits you and your client's  personal preferences.

Incentive program ideas

Program idea Rio de Janeiro

To give you an impression of our services in Rio, I have added a lovely incentive program. If you are interested in other programs, please  don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rio de Janeiro is located in the Southeastern zone, in the Atlantic Ocean coast. The city is privileged with a great geographical position with wide beaches and impressive mountains. Known as "Cidade Maravilhosa" – the marvelous city – Rio is a perfect combination of warm weather, beautiful sceneries, friendly people, music and happiness. A beauty that comes from its natural tropical environment where mountains, forests, beaches, lagoons, and vegetation form a dramatic back-drop.

The wonders of Rio can be admired from the top of the Sugar Loaf: impressive in its own height, it guards the entrance of the Guanabara Bay; and also by the feet of the Corcovado Statue that blesses the entire city with his open arms and dominates most of the Carioca skyline.
There are other equally inspiring mountains such as "Dois Irmãos" and the "Pedra da Gávea" to appreciate. There is also the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. Rio's other natural attractions include the beaches; the Botanical Garden; the Bay of Guanabara and Paquetá island; and the city's many parks and gardens. Man has also produced his own attractions which include the city's many museums and galleries that cover a wide range of topics and styles.

For all its natural beauty, Rio de Janeiro – with a population of around 6 million – is still one of the world's biggest and most populated cities. Therefore, Rio offers its visitors the infrastructure its status merits. It offers a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars; it has numerous exhibition and conference centers; the cultural and sporting scene is justifiably famous; the shops and stores are world class; the city has well developed telecommunications, banking, financial and medical services and an extensive transport system which allows visitors and residents to move around the city easily be it by car, taxi, bus, bicycle or on foot.

The city's 90 kilometers of beaches are an integral part of the Rio lifestyle. Rio has beaches that run through its very heart and they are a center of entertainment and relaxation for the residents and visiting population. Participant sports abound on the beaches. Soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, and

more traditional Brazilian sports like "peteca" and "futevolei", are played out on the sands of Rio while out to sea, it is the surfers and windsurfers who rule the waves.

The pavements and paths that run along the top of the beaches are a playground for the city's cyclists, roller skaters and the people who simply want to walk, jog or sit and enjoy the scenery from a bench or the comfort of a small beach kiosk while having coconut water.

Nightlife and entertainment in Rio are great! In Lapa and Santa Teresa we can find the most typical bars playing old sambas in a setting that still preserves houses and old mansions. More sophisticated nightclubs can be found in Ipanema, Leblon, Barra and Gávea. Visitors who want to experience a little more of Brazil's own culture in its many shapes and forms, can enjoy spectacular shows aimed specifically at the tourist. Visitors are encouraged to pay a visit to one of the city's samba schools (when they start the rehearsals before carnival) or to one of the "gafieiras" with their steamy dancing.

Soccer is Rio's main spectator sports with crowds of 100,000 or more for the major games at the Maracanã Stadium, the word's largest stadium.

Besides all that, Rio has a great variety of food: tropical fruits, juices, the traditional barbecue and the delicious Feijoada (traditionally served for Saturday lunch by restaurants and hotels) and the Caipirinha – not easily forgotten after a trip to Brazil. Eating out ranges from the most sophisticated restaurants, all the way to the humblest of corner bars serving local snacks and delicacies, which are washed down by an ice cold draught beer or one of a variety of natural juices.




Day 1 - Rio de Janeiro
Arrival Rio Airport transfer to the Hotel
Our uniformed, bi-lingual guides at the International airport of Rio de Janeiro will meet participants of the group, right after customs clearance. The transfer time with our deluxe air-conditioned motor coaches to the hotel will take approximately 45 minutes max., depending on the traffic conditions of this arrival day. En route, our guides will welcome all participants on behalf of 'the sponsor of the group' and shall also give some basic briefs about the city and their respective hotel.

Optional: Mulata Surprise at the bus serving champagne

Arrival at the Hotel
Upon arrival at hotel, check in will take place at a separate area and while check in formalities take place. A welcome Cocktail (03 options of cold canapes + 03 options of hot canapes + beverages package) will be served and the room keys are handed out. If we receive the participants personal data, such as full name, address, passport number, nationality and birth dates, we can provide the pre-registration and participants are only requested to sign upon check in.


Day 2 
Brazilian Breakfast Buffet at the hotel.

Jeep Tour day visiting the wonderful attractions of Rio
Corcovado & Tijuca Forest
A convertible jeep is the vehicle for a tour in Rio moreover if you are heading to Corcovado and Tijuca Forest. As vehicles drive through the traffic, new sights and details come to view. Going up the road to the Corcovado one see birds, perchance a sloth nibbling the silver Embaúba leaves, imposing trees and flowers. A visit to the statue of Christ the Redeemer - one of the New 7 Wonders of the World is fantastic - there is no limit to as far as you can see. After the visit, a ride through a narrow forest road, entering the Tijuca National Park - the largest urban forest in the world. Driving through the forest makes one wonder: Am I in Rio? is this forest in the middle of a cosmopolitan town such as Rio? A jungle trek on level ground where you can hear the birds calling closes a perfect tour and the question that remains is: Aren't Cariocas lucky to have such a treasure in their backyard?
Jeeps has capacity to 10 pax including guide.

Stop to Lunch at Santa Teresa

Aprazivel Restaurant
Almost hidden in a quiet street of the Santa Teresa district, it is a part of the historical scenario of Rio de Janeiro. Santa Teresa belongs to one of the Cultural areas of the city: busy during the day with its ateliers, museums, it transforms at night with a new crowd at the bars and restaurants. The Aprazível installed in a former residence takes one back to the cozy ambience of the 20th century allied to a selection of the refined Brazilian cuisine. The view from the terrace is superb, be it day or night and on occasions a late lunch will see the city light being lit forming strings of pearl in the distance.
Menu: (02 courses)

Visit to Morro dos Prazeres slum
The PRAZERES TOUR was created in 2011 after the installation of the UPP (Police Pacification Unit), coordinated by artist and tour guide Carmen Givoni, to develop a Sustainable Tourism Project, focused on social reintegration of the young, with an economic gain and concern for environment awareness. It is a self-sustainable project without any financial assistance other than the activity in itself. Thus each visitor funds the Project.
This group of young residents finds in this activity, a profession, growing self-esteem and an emerging awareness of their community history, of the countries where visitors come from and they understand that tourists are people like them. On the other hand visitors learn about life in a slum, and understand that it is not only drugs and violence but rather a rich cultural life, a lot of creativity and warmth.
With a choice location, from Morro dos Prazeres one sees a fantastic view of the bay and Sugar Loaf, downtown, Corcovado, Santa Tereza and last but not least, a portion of Tijuca National Park and rainforest.

Dinner at Quadrucci Restaurant
Twelve years ago at Rua Dias Ferreira, Quadrucci won the Carioca public. With contemporary decor and touches of romanticism, the restaurant has a balcony leaning to the coming and going of one of the most famous streets.

Overnight at selected hotel in Rio de Janeiro


Day 3
Brazilian Breakfast Buffet at the hotel.

Schooner or Yatch tour along Guanabara bay stoping at Niteroi beaches
The bay of Rio, called Guanabara is the 3rd of the world in water volume - 413 km wide by 33 km has 84 islands. Board a deluxe yacht anchored at at Marina da Glória and enjoy a new sight of this lovely city cruising by the Santos Dumont domestic airport, the impressive Rio-Niterói bridge, downtown and 3 colonial fortresses: Santa Cruz, Lage and São João that guard the entrance of the bay. An exquisite view of the Sugar Loaf from a new angle, the ferry service to Niterói and the quaint gothic castle painted in green on Ilha Fiscal.
Group will stop at Niteroi from there we can observe the city from many angles – as diversified as it can be, the skyline from Niterói, just across the bay is the perfect crow's nest lookout of the impressive mountain range that protects the city. From any mountaintop in Niterói the view is unique and Rio's definitely special!
After the cruise, a refreshing dip in the ocean while lunch is being prepared, if just perfect.
At beach, A private set up with beach chairs, umbrellas, open bar (mineral water, coconut water, soft drinks and Brazilian beer), massage professionals will be at disposal while the group enjoys the beach, swim, play volleyball, frescobol - a carioca game played with heavy wooden rackets and a small rubber ball and other beach activities.

Lunch on board of Schooner or Yatch

Sugar Loaf
After cruise group will disembark at Marina da Gloria and will drive till the Sugar Loaf, known world over as Rio's postcard and a must to visit. Sugar Loaf is reached on a two-stage cable car ride. This cable car, in operation is of Italian manufacture and takes 80 persons per trip on a 2-minute ride, each stage. The first stage, Morro da Urca - barely 170 mts high, has a restaurant, amphitheater, a helipoint for scenic rides and a privileged view of the Yacht Club and Botafogo Bay. The second stage takes one up to the Sugar Loaf - thus named because of the loaves of sugar that were commonly used by the Portuguese at the time of the discovery of the city. The all-encompassing view of this privileged 270-meter high lookout is unrivaled.


Sparkling Wine at Sugar Loaf will be offered at first station of Sugar Loaf.

Helicopter flight:
The best and most exciting way to admire the natural beauty of the city of Rio de Janeiro by a different angle. Due to the privileged location of our helipads in post-card settings, within moments of take-off new visions of known sights are revealed.
Itinerary: Fly around Sugar Loaf/ Botafogo/ Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon Beaches returning to Sugar Loaf helipad.

Dinner at Rio Scenarium
In Rio's newly renovated Lapa district, Rio Scenarium is an antique gallery by day transformed into a classic old style Rio dance hall at night. Here you'll find a festive mix of Brazilians and foreigners enjoying the traditional samba and a variety of other Brazilian beats. It is, without question, the most original bar in town and you'll feel like an extra on a movie set. The bar is jammed with bizarre and amazing artefacts and some spectacular pieces of furniture of the '70s. Packed out every night of the week, booking is a must - try to get a table upstairs near the window for a great view of the place, or downstairs for close to the live bands. Rio Scenarium is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 19h00 to the last customer!
Menu: 03 courses Scenarium or Dom Marques Menus

Overnight at selected hotel in Rio de Janeiro

Day 4
Brazilian Breakfast Buffet at the hotel.
Bike tour along beaches and lagoon with bike ride and optional activities

A pleasant tour along the most famous beach in the world. You will have the chance to feel how the cariocas enjoy theirs beaches, running, playing soccer and cycling along the seashore. on Sundays from 7 AM to 6PM the beach side lanes of Rio are closed to the traffic turning the area into a fantastic playground. Sunday is the time for a child to show off the new bycicle, impress somebody with daring manoeuvres on skates, boys look at girls, the not so young exercise, the babies on prams have their hangout place and a relaxing atmosphere takes hold of everybody, inhabitants and visitors.

Surf & Stand up classes on the beach: Surfing and Stand up are a popular sport in Rio, coming right after soccer. Arpoador beach is the point for practice of sport. The Brazilian coast is fantastic to surf and its many beaches have ideal conditions for easy and safe learning. You don't have to have a previous experience but you must be willing to learn to ride the surf! Instructors are prepared to either teach beginners or assist experienced surfers.

Capoeira Classes
Capoeira incorporates several elements of the African culture: fighting, acrobatics and dance. Capoeira is recognized as martial art and disguised as a dance, but its principle lies in surprise and improvisation. The slaves from Africa brought the very first movements and created the capoeira in the rows of coffee, corn, the plantation fields - at the time it was a means of defense. The presentation includes a group of "jogadores" or players and the percussion instruments to set the pace and the berimbau - a one string instrument - that keeps the pace and sets the tone of the melody. The game is marked by fluid acrobatic feints, subterfuge and extensive use of leg movements, sweeps, kicks and head butts. Technique and strategy are the key elements of a good player.

Lunch at Brasileirinho Restaurant
Located in the country and with prime ocean view most famous waterfront, the restaurant opens its doors Brasileirinho on Avenida Atlântica with menus that values the Brazilian cuisine. Among the options we highlight the authentic moqueca, a complete feijoada, assorted fools, and even the traditional tutu shrimp served in the pumpkin.

Farewell dinner with entertainment


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