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As Malta's leading DMC, creating tailor-made programs is our standard. We can handle every aspect of your request no matter how special it is. Our team is on stand-by, whenever you are ready to bring a group to our island, we are ready to welcome you! We would be delighted to create a proposal for you that will show you the possibilities of magnificent Malta!

Short Bio Paul Selis

Born and raised in Belgium, I moved to Malta in 1994. I founded On Site Malta in the year of 2000 and has since then become Malta's leading DMC! My most recent brainchild, The Malta Convention Bureau, was conceived in 2011 and I am passionate to have this initiative become instrumental in generating growth for the Maltese MICE industry." I am very proud that On Site Malta organised the islands biggest MICE events ever held, 3 years ago and the biggest private event for 7000 people this year.


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On Site Malta

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Testimonial On Site Malta

"A heartfelt thank you from all of us at WPO London. You have been superb! Look forward to catching up next time when we’re in Malta!"

 "Thank you for everything Daphne!
You were just amazing in helping me to make our group like Malta!

Marc told me that he would surprise his wife in booking one week-end at the Xara Palace.

I am really pleased that all went so smoothly and I do hope that I can convince other groups to come here.

I will miss you and Malta!"

What makes Malta a great destination

Why Malta

Half way between Europe and Northern Africa, you can explore the stunning Maltese islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino).

Even today you can witness the balance between English and Arabic influences. Everywhere you look, you can see beautiful citadels, Rennaissance churches and Baroque palaces, spread all over the island. Narrow streets, cobbled stones and typical Arabic balconies are part of Malta's view.

The clear blue water makes the Maltese sea a great diving spot. Sea , sunshine (365 days a year) and easy flight connections are the perfect basis for any incentive program and this and much more is what Malta has to offer.

Incentive program ideas

Program ideas Malta

We have added two program ideas to show you the possibilities of the Maltese islands. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to receive tailor-made proposals for your clients.

Experience Malta in four days:

Malta Keypoints


  • Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean (3 hours away from mainland Europe)
  • Population of 400,000 inhabitants
  • An area of 316 sq km with three islands; Malta, Gozo & Comino
  • Small, beautiful and unique
  • An all-year-round mild climate
  • Internationally branded four and five-star hotels
  • State-of-the art infrastructure (conference and accommodation facilities)
  • Most residents are fluent in Maltese, English and Italian
  • 7,000-year history
  • Magnificent architectural monuments which can be used as venues
  • Short distances (avg. 15 minutes per transfer)
  • Flexible people and open to possibilities
  • Euro currency

 Interesting facts:

The capital city is Valletta but most of the 5 star hotels and nightlife is located in St. Julian's (10 minutes away)

The official languages are English and Maltese, which sounds a bit Arabic.

The British ruled Malta until 1964 when it became independent. We still drive on the left hand side of the road.

Malta became an EU member in 2004 and began using the euro as currency in 2008

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall.

Day 1

Welcome at the Airport by our staff in the evening and transfer to the hotel with coaches.
The Malta International Airport is located in Luqa, 11km (15 minutes) away from St. Julian's and 9km (10 minutes) from Valletta. Our onsite staff and guide will welcome the guests at the arrival terminal with the client's logo and escort them towards their vehicles

Services to enrich the experience of the arrival at the airport:
Porters handling the luggage at the terminal
Girls in national costumes welcoming the guests and distributing gifts (Maltesers, flowers, cold water, etc)
Aperitif with Sparkling wine (Prosseco) and a local Prickly pear liquor called 'Bajtra'. Very nice setup with table and candles right next to the coaches.

Welcome drink with private check-in at the hotel and overnight
As soon as the guests arrive at the chosen hotel we will serve a refreshing a non alcoholic welcome drink on the terrace of the chosen hotel (weather permitting) together with a selection of finger foods (optional extras). During the drinks a private check-in will take place (can be branded as you require) where the guests will just need to sign the pre-filled hotel registration card and they will be given the room key card. Porterage is available at an extra charge (varies according to the hotel). Welcome gifts can be placed prior to the arrival in the rooms.

At their own time, guests can go up to their rooms. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 
Valletta 5 senses and watersports

The most important meal of the day...
Breakfast will be served at leisure at the hotel's main restaurant. All the hotels we propose include a full English breakfast with hot and cold buffets with their room rates. Upon request we can also reserve an area for the group during the breakfast time.

Most of the hotels on the island serve breakfast between 7.00 hrs and 10.30 hrs.

After the breakfast we will meet at the hotel lobby for the day's activity

Transfer to the capital city (Valletta) with an authentic Maltese bus.
After breakfast, the group will be will be taken to the Malta's capital city – Valletta (a journey of approximately 15 minutes) with an authentic Maltese bus. On board the bus we will have a Flemish/French speaking guide to give a small introduction to the day. The Maltese bus (xarabank in Maltese) was used for public transport until 2011. Fortunately these buses have been refurbished and we can now use them for groups.

Each bus takes up to 36 people and some of the buses originate back from the 1940's period. The bus will stop the guests right in front of the Prime Minister's office where the guide will start the tour along the majestic streets of one of Europe's nicest capital cities.

Short information about Valletta
As the capital, Valletta is the key city of Malta. It's a delightful spot, standing proud on a short peninsula on the main island's north-east coast, and blessed with a visible history that saw it granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1980. Much of this is surely down to its picturesque harbour and preserved walls. A walk around the latter, especially where they run along the waterfront, gives a clear picture of how sturdy a stronghold the city must have been when it was founded in the mid-16th century.
Fairly compact, it's an easy city to explore on foot. St John's Co-Cathedral, built by the Knights Hospitaller (as was much of the city) in the 1570s, is the main religious showpiece. An imposing structure, it looks like a fortress from the outside, but reveals a grandiose, art-laden interior. Elsewhere, the Upper Barrakka Gardens, the city's highest point, offer sublime views of the harbour.

Morning activity (2.5 hours) - Discover the 2018 European Culture City through the 5 senses upgraded tour
The Valletta 5 senses guided tour starts of with a visit of the magnificent St. John's Co-Cathedral where guests will be able to see the amazing masterpiece of the Knights of St. John. We will then continue to the Manoel Theatre where upon arrival guests will hear an angelic performance by one Malta's top opera singers. A short stop at Valletta's oldest coffee shop will see us taste a refreshing Maltese gelato (ice cream) and underneath the shades, guests will be 'touched' by our masseurs for a quick hand/neck massage. The final stop of the Valletta 5 senses will see us going to Valletta's foremost baker where our participants will try their hand in bread-making and experience the smell of freshly baked Maltese bread. Apart from a guided tour, the Valletta 5 senses can be done as an iPad Quest where teams compete against each other in 5 different tasks set out in all the 5 different locations.

Lunch on board an exclusive wooden gullet and transfer to the hotel.
After the morning activity, guests will be escorted down to the Valletta waterfront where they will embark on an exclusive wooden gullet which can be branded with flags and banners. On board the gullet, the guests will be served an upgraded buffet lunch including prawns, mussels, steaks, fresh fish, salads, etc together with an open bar of beer, wine, soft drinks and water. The gullet will leave the waterfront at approximately 13.00 hrs and stop for lunch at a bay close by.
Services to enrich the experience during the lunch on board:
Live musicians playing on board the gullet (eg. Violinist and guitarist)
Strolling magician entertaining the guests or Masseurs giving short neck and shoulder massages

After lunch optional watersports and swimming time directly from the boat
After lunch, the captain will set sail to a secluded bay where we will give some free time to the guests to swim around the bay, explore the nearby caves (depending on the chosen bay) and as an option we can add watersports activities such as:
Crazy Sofa Rides (taking maximum 5 pax at a time)
Jet Skis (1 person per jet ski)
Paragliding (taking 2 pax at a time)

After the activities (approximately 2 hours) we will continue towards the chosen hotel jetty. Approx time of arrival at the hotel is 17.00 hrs.

Walk from the hotel for white night at Paranga Beach Club.
Guests will be given specific instructions in their rooms to wear all white for this evening. We will meet in the lobby prior to sunset and walk down to the Paranga Beach Club (approximately 5 minutes away by walk from Westin and Hilton). Upon arriving guests will be treated wit a nice refreshing cocktails of Mojitos (can be done in Strawberry as well) and Pina Coladas. Dinner will be served (either 3-course, buffet or BBQ) on the beach together with a beverage package or an open bar.
Extras that can be included for the dinner:
Instead of round tables we can use different chill out areas – sofas, low tables, Bedouin tents, carpets, etc.
We can add a top local DJ starting off with lounge music and continue with the latest beats.

Day 3
 Gozo Ultra Adventure

Get ready for some serious fun!
What do you get when you have 750hp on a boat? Well, the answer is very simple... Serious Fun! Each powerboat takes up to 20 pax and we can take up to 100 pax at a go. The transfer will take approximately 35 minutes to go directly from the hotel to Gozo.

Most of the hotels on offer have direct access to a jetty where we can leave and return with the powerboats.
As a back up for bad weather (and for those who are afraid of the open sea) we can use the Gozo Ferry which takes a little bit longer to go from Cirkewwa to the Mgarr Harbour in Gozo. We will arrive in Gozo at approximately 10.15 hrs.

Gozo Quick Info
Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago and though separated from mainland Malta by a 5km stretch of Mediterranean sea it is distinctly different from Malta. Roughly circular in shape, 14km by 7km in area, Gozo is hilly and from the south-west to the north-west, the coast is entirely surrounded by cliffs. Gozo's population of approximately 31,000 is not so much in evidence, except in the in the bustling little square in what makes for the main town.

Gozo was an important place for cultural evolution, and during the neolithic period the Ġgantija temples were built; they are the world's oldest free-standing structures, as well as the world's oldest religious structures.
Time to do discover Gozo...
After arriving at the Mgarr Harbour in Gozo, the guests will find waiting for them, various jeeps with their company logo stickers on the side doors. Inside the jeeps they will find an iPad with a personalised App. The briefing is done by our project manager where they will explain that they have to divide the group into small teams of 4/6 pax each (this can be done before) and that the teams have to solve the riddles on the iPad to find the lunch location. Extras for the Ultra Adventure include a Kayak race and VTT obstacle course. On the way they will have to answer questions and take photos. The team with the most correct answers, most bonus points and creative photos wins.
At 13.00 hrs all the teams will make their way to the BBQ Lunch location.
Lunch/Afternoon: A delicious BBQ Lunch in Gozo next to the spectacular Azure Window
Guests will be treated to a fantastic surprise for lunch. At the end of the iPad Quest or the convoy, all the jeeps will meet at the azure window where a delicious BBQ lunch will be served right at the water's edge with a fantastic view of the 7th Wonder of the world.

The lunch will start with home made antipasti including different types of cheeses, salamis, tomatoes, olives, etc. Main course will be selection of Beef fillets, chicken or fish together with Free flowing wine, beer and soft drinks.
After lunch we will go back to the Mgarr harbour by convoy for the speeboat return transfer.

Optional Extras: Stop in Comino for a champagne surprise with divers
Champagne surprise with divers – On the way back to the hotel, the boats will stop in Comino where the guests will be surprised by divers coming out from the sea with champagne/prosecco bottles for the guests. After serving the bubbly, we will continue the speedboat ride back to the hotel.

Transfer to the evening venue in style...
The Vintage Cars will be a mix of authentic Rolls Royce, Bentley's and Daimler's which are individually owned and driven by locals. The guests will be surprised at the entrance of the hotel with the cars being lined up all next to each other and with the drivers in full uniform waiting for them by the door. The transfer to the city of Mdina will take approximately 25 minutes.

Welcome to the silent city!
Upon arrival in Mdina, the guide will take the group on a mini tour of the Silent City by night, led by two torch bearers. The history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. According to tradition it was here that in 60 A.D. that the Apostle St. Paul is said to have lived after being shipwrecked on the Islands.

The tour will finish with a spectacular view from the Mdina bastions overlooking the whole island. On the bastions, the guests will be surprised with an aperitif and a selection of canapés while they are enjoying the view.
Surprise mini-concerto at the Mdina Cathedral
While the guests are walking with their guides through the streets of Mdina they will stop at the Cathedral square where 4 children wearing white will walk the guests inside the cathedral. As soon as all the guests are inside, the lights will be slowly turned on and a 10 piece choir + an opera singer will start singing religious songs. The show lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Gala dinner at Palazzo Parisio Gardens
Originally built in 1733 by the Portuguese Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena, who ruled the island during the time of the Knights of St. John. Described as a miniature Versailles, it is a glorious showcase of Maltese and Italian craftsmanship at the turn of the 19th century, with lavishly decorated ceilings, murals and frescoes, fine stucco work, magnificent antique furniture, rare paintings and extravagant gilding. The ornate gilded Ballroom of mirrors is unique in Malta with its exuberant style, flamboyant decoration and unparalleled plasterwork.

The guests will be welcomed in the gardens, then led into the prestigious ballroom for dinner, where they will be entertained by local musicians.
Optional entertainment at Palazzo Parisio:
Welcome at the door by animators dressed in period costumes including noble couple, drummers, trumpeters and flag bearers.
A Harpist (or classical guitarist) during the welcome drink
A 30 piece choir for certain parts of the evening
A band to entertain the guests during the whole evening with lively pop music.
Knighting ceremony

Day 4

Lunch: Transfer to Marsaxlokk with some free time and lunch
After an easy morning (breakfast at leisure) the guests will be free to check out at the their own time. We will meet in the lobby at 11.00 hrs and make sure that everyone has checked-out and paid there bills. We will transfer to the village of Marsaxlokk - the Islands' main fishing harbour; its Sunday fish market a fascinating insight into local life and a traditional industry. A nice fish based lunch will be served at Southport with different freshly caught seafood delicacies.

After lunch we will make our way to the airport which is located approximately 10 minutes away from the fishing village. We will assist with the check-in process at the airport and sadly we will give our goodbyes to the guests.



More about our company

 More about On Site Malta

We have a great  team of 13 event planners who excel at their work. and can assist you with every aspect of your upcoming event or incentive.  We are known for our creative proposals and well-run ground operations. Three years ago the largest event ever held on Malta was organised by us.

We specialise in MICE, VIP Groups, Special Groups, Luxury Travel, Conferences, Meetings, Special Interest Groups, Cruises, Shore Excursions, Corporate Travel, Hotel Bookings, Gala dinners, Fine Dining.

Travel facts Malta

Travel facts Malta

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