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Established nearly 30 years ago, Eshet Incentives & Conferences  is one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Israel . We are known for our creative events and incentives and we understand the demands of you and your clients. We have a strong team of employees and have excellent relationships with our  clients and our suppliers which give us buying power and make us competitive. You and your clients are our focus and we will do anything we can to turn you and your client's stay in Israel into a fantastic experience.

Short Bio Amnon Ben David

I have more than 30 years experience in operating and organizing conferences and incentives in Israel.

I have held various managerial positions in some of Israel's leading and international tourism companies including: Hilton International, Ophir Tours and Unitours. In 1990, I became a main shareholder and CEO of Eshet Incoming & Incentives, Israel's leading DMC. I graduated with a BA from the Tel Aviv University in Economics and have an MBA in Hotel Industry Management from the Michigan State University. I speak fluent English, French, Hebrew and very much hope to welcome you to mybeautiful country, Israel

Short bio of Michal Kafkafi
With a degree in hotel management, I have worked at the Sheraton, Dan Acadia, Holiday Inn, Fattal and the Dan Panorama hotels.

Four years ago I joined Eshet Incentives & Conferences and am hugely enjoying the broad scope of promoting our destination with creative and imaginative ideas tailor made to budgets proposed.

With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry- I realize it is all about people. I understand how important dialogue is and part of my job is to educate you and your clients about Israel and show the many possibilities our country has to offer.

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Eshet Incentives & Conferences
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You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Jerusalem, Israel and Tel Aviv. On these pages you will find the more details about us and our offices.


Testimonial Eshet

Dear Amnon,

I couldn't wait another day to congratulate and thank you and your amazing team for a great program this month. The 8 day trip full of very important and high profile travelers was virtually perfect.The Journey: a spiritual awakening produced by David Lane was a success!

I am still getting letters and phone calls about the level of service that everyone experienced. As you know, many of the people had been on other trips in Israel in the past (some as many as 7 times) and all of them said this was the best ever – by far.

Your wonderful operation team led by Daniel Ratner and supervised by Avigail Kanievsky and supported by DoritKrongoldwas the best. They were detailed, flexible and extremely service oriented. They continually exceeded all our expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better team and will insist on working with them next year when we return as well as the following years when we are expecting to bring over many other groups.

The final event at Nevil David was great. Thanks for helping us find this great venue at the very last moment. It was flawless! Amnon, your personal involvement made a huge difference and I thank you very much for all you did to make this one of the best programs ever.

Please consider me a good source for referrals. I look forward to many other great programs together in the future.

Warm Regards,


Hello Amnon, Tania and Michal!!!
First of all, I´d like to thank you for everything... I don´t have words, comments... and I don´t know how to thank you.
Everything was perfect!

Thank you so much!!!
Kind regards,
TGK Mice

What makes Israel such a great destination

Why Israel

Israel must be one of the most fascinating countries in the world. At the crossroad of Africa, Asia and Europe and the edge of the Middle East, our country has an enormously interesting history which dates back thousands of years where it has always played an important part. From King David to Nebuchadnezzar, from the Romans to the Byzantine era, and from the Arabs to the Jews, history is seeped deep into the soil, the buildings and the people of Israel.

We have beautiful cities, like Jerusalem where different religions live alongside each other, where three religions share one church and where you can see places more than 3000 years old. Tel Aviv makes a nice contrast, it'is light, airy and happening -  and right on the beach. We have the desert, the mountains, the Dead Sea, and many possibilities for team building activities etc.

We would be delighted to put together a proposal for you and your clients. At Eshet you will be in the capable hands of our experienced team of professionals.

Incentive program idea

Program idea Israel

We have added a incentive program idea for Israel. Please have a look at it if you are curious about the possibilities for events, conferences and incentives in Israel. If you have specific questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program in general: 2 nights Jerusalem/2 nights Tel Aviv

Day 1 - Arrival at airport
Day by day program:

Group arrival.
VIP assistance upon arrival
Incoming flight: meeting the guests at the sleeve of the plane. Escorting group to the passport control hall in a VIP car (VIP car is available for individuals only).
Escorting group through passport control, baggage claim procedure and escorting the guests to the reception hall.
After meeting guests – depart for Jerusalem by a comfortable 35 seater coach
Driving distance: Ben Gurion International
Airport – Jerusalem - 50.9 km, 47 min

Fast check-in at the hotel upon arrival, separate area for the group with welcome non alcoholic drinks
While guests will have their check-in, bellboys will take luggage to guests' rooms
After freshen-up depart for dinner
Welcome dinner at Adom Restaurant at Jerusalem renovated railway station (Ha Tahana)

Adom restaurant

Adom (Red) is a larger cosmopolitan restaurant and bar. The restaurant specializes in wines and international cuisine which mixes local ingredients and flavors with a heavy
continental influence, especially French and Italian. Adom has been a popular restaurant in Jerusalem for the past 12 years, but the new incarnation in the First Station complex
has brought about a change in both the menu and ambience.
Location: Jerusalem, First Station at the Old Train Station
Chef: Michael Katz
Capacity: Indoor - 100 pax; Outdoor - 70 pax
Opening hours: Sunday to Friday, 12:30 to 3:00; Saturday
13:00 to 3:00

Option 2nd for welcome dinner in Jerusalem – Wine and Cheese restaurant at the rooftop of Notre
Dame de Jerusalem
Name: Notre Dame de Jerusalem, Roof Top Wine &
Cheese Restaurant
Description: Roof Top Wine & Cheese Restaurant is located on roof of Pontifical Institute Notre Dame in Jerusalem; one gets a magnificent view of East Jerusalem,
the Temple Mount and the mountains of Jordan. The restaurant serves Mediterranean menu that ranges from French cheeses and Italian cured meats to Israeli olive oils
and Spanish wines.

Location: Jerusalem, Old City, New Gate
Capacity: Outdoor - 160 pax; Indoor - 30 pax
Optional: After or prior dinner – Sound and Light show at the Tower of David (Jaffa Gate)
This signature event in Jerusalem is a "Time Machine" experience that recreates 4,000 years of Jerusalem's History
The walls of the Citadel serve as a stage for a nighttime show which is a celebration of sight and sound. Amidst the archaeological remains in the
Citadel's courtyard and to the sound of original music, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through giant breathtaking, virtual reality images. The Night Spectacular uses special technology – the
stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the screened images envelop the viewers and whisk them off to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience.
After dinner transfer back to the hotel
Overnight – Jerusalem

 Day 2

Breakfast at hotel's dining room
After breakfast depart for a Marker tour
Morning visit of the most popular Jerusalem market – Machne Yuda for a shuk bites (culinary tasting tour).
Transfer for the market.
Culinary tour at Jerusalem most old and historical Market – Mahane Yehuda
Tasting will include 6 of these stations: Fresh Jerusalem Breads - Calm that rumbling belly down. Fresh from the fiery taboon oven, enjoy some Iraqi-style flatbread (called "eshtanur" by Jerusalemites). Or, if you prefer, enjoy Jerusalem-style long baigele rings encrusted with sesame seeds. A Taste of Organic Coffee. Taste of Burekas - Try two mini-bourekas of your choosing, served with a hardboiled egg, pickles, Jerusalem-style tahini and homemade s'chug (seasoned chili paste) - with a glass of lemonade or orange juice. Taste of Boutique Cheeses. Taste of Homemade Pickled Vegetables. Taste of Spices. Sweet Ending - Choose your own Jerusalemstyle ice cream flavor and learn about how it's made locally and of course - Healthy juice refreshment.
Lunch at restaurant at the Market.

Option 1: Machneyuda Restaurant
Description: The Jerusalem restaurant Machneyuda serves modern Israeli cuisine two blocks from Machane Yehuda market.
Machneyuda is an extremely popular restaurant that has really made a name for itself across Israel.
The service is very good and the waiters have a very familiar manner. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very lively and as the evening advances the place becomes noisy and perhaps a
little hectic, with the chefs singing, banging their pans in the open kitchen and toasting yet another merry evening
Location: Jerusalem, Machane Yehuda market

Chefs: Asaf Granit, Yossi Elad, Uri Navon
Capacity: Indoor 1st floor - 40 pax; Indoor 2nd floor - 30 pax;

Option 2: Chatzot restaurant
An appropriately named Jerusalem soul food landmark, Chatzot (midnight) serves up Jerusalem's. Walk down Agrippas Street past the market and
chances are you'll get hit by the drifting aroma of fried onions, sizzling oil and spiced meat – that would be Chatzot.
The venue spacious, modern restaurant with authentic Jerusalem atmosphere alongside impeccable cleanliness and service. Chatzot now also hosts private events
which all begin with a table full of salads and starters.

Option 3: lunch with view – Lavan restaurant
Description: Lavan (White) is a restaurant that offers much more than the expected, with a view of the old city walls and a rich Italian menu with a touch of
The high-quality-cuisine haunt in the Feingold Courtyard, have branched out in both geography and hue with Lavan, a bistro ensconced within the
Jerusalem Cinematheque.
The restaurant is divided into the inside area and the outdoor terrace.

Location: Jerusalem, The Cinematheque
Capacity: Indoor - 100 pax; Outdoor (terrace) - 60 pax
Opening hours: Sunday - Saturday fom 10:00 until last customer

 After lunch - Jerusalem Old City tour

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is Israel's largest city with a population of 763,800 residents. Located in the Judean Mountains, between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, modern
Jerusalem has grown far beyond the boundaries of the Old City. The city is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. Snow flurries usually occur once or twice a winter, although the city experiences heavy snowfall every three to four years, on average, with short-lived accumulation. Jerusalem has been sacred to Judaism for roughly 3000 years, to Christianity for around 2000 years, and to Islam for approximately 1400 years. The 2000 Statistical Yearbook of Jerusalem lists 1204 synagogues, 158 churches, and 73 mosques within the city.
The walking tour will start at the Via Dolorosa. Group will pass some of the Stations of the Cross on the way to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where the New Testament says that Jesus was crucified, and is said to also contain the place where Jesus was buried (the sepulchre).
Group will have a walk though the Armenian quarter of the Old city – each one will be able to have a glance at the Armenian painting artists who are making incredible paintings.

Group will go thought the Christian, Muslim and Jewish quarters. Exit from Old City after visit the Western Wall
After the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – continue thought the Ethiopian church to a short roof tour of Old City of Jerusalem roofs
Walking to the Jewish Quarter. Visit the Western wall. Old City of Jerusalem at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. It is a remnant of the ancient wall that surrounded the Jewish Temple's courtyard, and is one of the most sacred sites in Judaism outside of the Temple Mount itself. During tour – stop for a pomegranate fresh squeezed juice and Jerusalem Bagel
Group will walk through the colourful bazaars, where you will have some free time for shopping.
After tour – return hotel, freshen up before dinner

Dinner at Colony restaurant
Name: Colony restaurant
Located in an old British Railway hangar behind the historic Jerusalem railway station, Colony restaurant is a multi-level space incorporating cozy lounge areas, a gallery and a glass-walled patio. The total
seating capacity is 250 in the various spaces, some of which may be arranged as a private section for a group dinner.
The diverse menu includes grilled meats, fish dishes, pastries and chef's specialties, accompanied by wines of Israel's finest boutique wineries.
Capacity: 200 pax

Day 3

Depart for Dead Sea area
Driving distance: Jerusalem – Dead Sea area
- 96.3 km, 1 hour 22 mins
First visit of Eil Gedi source
The oasis of Ein Gedi on the shore of the Dead Sea combines a wild, natural setting, history and archaeology. Nakhal David and Nakhal Arugot flow year-round through deep canyons surrounded by lush vegetation – a sharp contrast to the surrounding desert. Wildlife, including ibex and conies, abound on walks through the canyons.
This is where David took refuge from King Saul. The inhabitants produced perfume was produced there from the balsam plant; a synagogue with a mysterious mosaic inscription perhaps associated with this valuable product, is one of the park's attractions.
After visit of the Ein Gedi – continue to Masada national park

Group will visit Masada, one of the most famous historical and archaeological sites in Jewish history.
The abundance of well-preserved ruins unearthed by the diggings make this visit an interesting and impressive experience.
A cable car makes the ascent from the east side of this cliff towering above the Dead Sea basin. The excavations at Masada unearthed two major findings: The well-appointed fortress built by Herod, decorated with frescoes, mosaics, handsome patios and colonnades and traces of remarkably simple and functional structures for housing and command headquarters were left by the Zealots, a Jewish faction resisting the Romans. The site served, for a short period, as a refuge for these inspired patriots. Looking down to the base of the cliff it is possible to see the remains of Roman camps used during the siege of Masada.
After visit of Masada National Park – Continue to a Dead Sea Mineral beach for a refreshing pause and picnic lunch.

Mineral Beach: Is located on the northern part of the Dead Sea and is open all the year. The beach provides beautiful surrounding and facilities that are perfect for pleasure and relaxation and guests can take advantage of the health benefits of the Dead Sea.

Picnic at the Dead Sea mineral beach
The Dead Sea - part of the Afro-Syrian Rift, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, about 380 meters below sea level. Rich in minerals, the Dead Sea attracts vacationers from around the world who come to enjoy the thermo-mineral springs, in Dead Sea water, the bromine-saturated air and of course a float in the salty waters is a must!
Mud available at Mineral beach
After Dead Sea relaxation – drive back to the hotel in Jerusalem.
Freshen-up before dinner
Dinner at Mamilla rooftop restaurant

The restaurant situated on the top floor of the uber-trendy Mamilla Hotel, the Rooftop restaurant has arguably the best setting in Jerusalem,
with incredible views overlooking the Old City and its surroundings.
Combining al fresco dining with a casual attitude (many tables feature comfy couches instead of chairs), the Rooftop restaurant offers a fresh menu of
rustic Italian and Mediterranean flair.
Location: Jerusalem, Mamilla hotel
Web: Mamilla Roof Top Restaurant
Capacity: 150 pax - Outdoor only (all year round)
After dinner transfer back to the hotel
Overnight – Jerusalem

 Day 4

 Breakfast at hotel's dining room & Check-out hotel & depart for Tel Aviv
Check-in at hotel. Freshen up before lunch.
Depart for lunch at Mona Beach Tel Aviv Tzuk beach
Name: Mona Beach
Description: Beautiful beach - white sand, blue sky. Mediterranean and typical Israeli food. Ample seating on the beach, typical Israeli and Mediterranean food in
a Hip atmosphere. For November - March the place is converted/transformed covered and heated.
Location: Tzuk Beach Tel-Aviv

Capacity: Summer up to 200 pax. Winter (November -
March) 120 pax Indoor heated location
Opening hours: Sun - Sat 7 am - last customer
Private room: Private Balcony: 32 pax.
After lunch – depart for a Jaffa and Tel Aviv tour
Tour of Tel Aviv will also include Promenade, Rothschild Boulevard, Nevei Tzedek, Tahana, finish at Jaffa Nevei Tzedek
South of the Yemenite Quarter, Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood built in the "new" city of Tel Aviv, back in 1887. At the beginning of the 20th century Neve Tzedek was the home of many artists and writers, such as Brenner and Agnon (a Nobel Prize winning author). But in the following years the area suffered from neglect, the old houses and streets crumbling away. Only in the 1980's, the place recaptured its former prestige, and has since become a stylish yuppie residence with plenty of restaurants, galleries and designer shops. The architecture of Neve Tzedek is definitely one of the highlights in the area.

Shopping at the Tahana
HaTahana (The Train Station Complex) spreads over an area of 49 acres and it includes 22 beautifully restored buildings dating back to various historical periods. HaTahana (The Train Station Complex) is housed inside an architecturally reconstructed structure, and it includes, among others, the historical train station structures. This is a modern cultural and commercial center which combines stores, restaurants, food markets, children's area, arts and activities. Among the many attractions of HaTahana (The Train Station Complex) one can find an urbane organic food market, photography exhibitions and product designers and artists fair.
HaTahana (The Train Station Complex) is situated between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek near Jaffa. From the year of 1892 and until 1948 the Jaffa-Jerusalem train line worked here.
Finish Tel Aviv tour at the Tahaha & drive to Jaffa (5 minutes drive)
Walking by narrow streets of Old Jaffa with its unique and charming galleries Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the Mediterranean. For over 5000 years Jaffa has served as a gateway
between east and west, north and south, a cosmopolitan city that witnessed the passage of warriors, pilgrims and visitors, goods, ideas, fashion, and stories.
Jaffa, one of the World's most ancient port cities, where stone buildings, narrow passages and picturesque courtyards recall the rich past of this charming city.
Old Jaffa is alive and houses a thriving artists' colony. The twisting passages will reveal antiquities and coins, Ceramics, silk art, impressionist paintings, hand-woven goods and exquisite jewels, all born in an atmosphere inspired by the surroundings.


 Farewell dinner at Dallal restaurant at Nevei Tzedek
Description: Dallal is a bistro-inspired restaurant that is situated on the ruins of three beautifully restored buildings, within walking distance of the Suzanne Dallal Centre in Neve tzedek. The lovely view of the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood and the conserved buildings in the area create a special atmosphere that almost takes one back in time to the beginning of Tel Aviv when Neve Tzedek was one of the first neighbourhoods.
The use of local produce is a given in Dallal and the Chef Golan Garfunkel infuses the dishes with Mediterranean accents. The restaurant itself consists of an outdoor yard, foyer, internal courtyard and hosting area.

Day 5

Breakfast at hotel's dining room
Morning bicycle tour of Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv city tour along the promenade, Rothschild Boulevard and finish at the Jaffa port

Welcome dinner at Old man and the Sea fish and Seafood restaurant
Description: The Old Man and the Sea is decorated according to international architectural standards, its grounds are larger than 1,000 square
meters. Sits are available inside or outside the restaurant.
The Old Man and the Sea's menu includes a selection of fresh salads, which are prepared daily by the restaurant's kitchen staff, unique second and
main courses and great fish, seafood and meats.
The Old Man and the Sea's special deal includes 18 different kinds of salads, warm oven baked pita breads, a lemonade jug, main course (fish / seafood
/ meat), and coffee or tea and Awame for dessert.

Location: Jaffa port
Capacity: Indoor - 400 pax; outdoor - 250 pax
Option 2: lunch at Abrage restaurant

Description: Abrage is a Mediterranean Bistro.
Range of fresh fish, seafood and meat dishes, starring a contemporary Mediterranean cuisine Abrage is situated at the picturesque ancient 6th
square adjacent to St Peters church. Located in a historical building 100 years old Abrage is glorified with an Attomanic aroma that comes deep from
within the exposed stone walls and Turquoise arches that characterize this venue.

Location: Jaffa, Kdumim square
Indoor main hall: 30 pax
Outdoor: up to 100 pax
Semi-private room: 25 pax
Opening hours: Sundays to Saturdays 09:00 to 24:00
After lunch – drive to the airport
VIP Assistance:
Outgoing flight: Meeting the guests at "Arbel" Lounge in terminal 3. While guests enjoys light refreshments, beverages and the use of basic office services the assistances take care of all outgoing flight procedures: security check, passport control, flight c/i and so on. The service includes escort to the departure gate.
Outgoing flight: Meeting the guests at the entrance to A/P at gate 32, escorting them through security procedure, c/i - done at designated counters, through Buy & BY hall to hand bags security check and the passport control procedure. The service includes escorting to the gate, through the duty free hall and a quick procedure at the gate.


More about our company

 More about Eshet

Winner of two Site Awards, we are Israel's leading DMC. We have a professional team of project managers, devoted to you and your clients.

Eshet Incentives & Conferences offers you the best of Israel, unusual venues, creative ideas, special incentives. You are the basis of our business, that why we work in close tandem as a team to make sure your ideas and our ideas create a program that makes you shine with your clients. We make your dream come true.  If you have not worked with us before, we would be delighted to be given the chance to work with you and for those of you who have, welcome back!

We specialise in MICE, VIP Groups, Special Groups, Luxury Travel, Conferences, Meetings, Special Interest Groups, Cruises, Shore Excursions, Corporate Travel, Hotel Bookings, Gala dinners and Fine Dining in Israel and part of Jordan.

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