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The Baltic Travel Group, is one of the best destination management companies in Latvia - for more than a decade. We are dedicated to provide destination services to groups, corporate clients and FITs. Our team is at your disposal and we would love to share the beauty of Latvia with you.

Short Bio Vlad Koriagin

Born in 1971, Riga, Latvia, I studied in the School of Economics in Stockholm. In 1992 I started to work in the travel business and I loved it. I have even received a "Man of the Year" in tourism in 2007 and once again in 2014. I am passionate about the Baltic states and travel. I consider it my life's mission to make the Baltic states a world famous destination.

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"Thank you again for your help and professionalism throughout our trip.
I am very pleased we chose you as our DMC and can safely say you are one of our favourite DMC’s to deal with 
I hope that we are able to work with you again with other groups, Riga was such a lovely venue, great people and service."



What makes Latvia a great destination

Why Latvia

With Riga as a vibrant cosmopolitan capital, Latvia is truly inspiring. With forests, lakes, the sea, white sandy beaches, Latvia is a dream come true for every visitor. Riga is art nouveau architecture is simply stunning and it has a beautiful medieval Old Town with lots of restaurants and quaint shops.Famous for its festivals and friendly people, it is the perfect destination for incentives and events.

Incentive program ideas

Program idea Latvia

We have added the highlights in Latvia. If you are interested in other programs we can create for you, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Airport Arrival / Departure by antique cars
Riga International Airport is about 10 km south-west of Riga. During normal traffic the driving duration is approx. 25 minutes to centrally & Old Town located hotels.
The quests are offered antique cars dating back to the 1930' s - 1980' s for Airport arrival transfer.
It is necessary to have police escort to accompany such a transfer as cars are old and uncapable to drive as fast as it is required.

Old Riga walking city tour (~2 hours)

Since 13 century the Old Riga is the economic, financial and cultural centre of Baltic region. Riga was never simply the city of Latvia. There were many times, when Riga was grasped; Riga was also involved in many long internal conflicts. Until the beginning of 20th century the Germans were main inhabitants of Riga. Then the national structure changed and mostly Latvians and Russians were the ones, who lived in the capital of Latvia. Later representatives of such nationalities as Lithuanians, Poles etc. have joined. All these changes have affected a cultural development of the city; special influence was on architecture of the Old city, where nowadays it is possible to meet the lines of German, Russian, Italian and Dutch architectures, so as architecture of other cultures.
To the most well-known masterpieces of architecture of the Old city is the Riga castle. It is the greatest and well remained medieval castle in northern Europe. The Dome Cathedral - the greatest church in Northern Europe, which at the beginning of the 20th century could have been proud of having the greatest working wind-box in the world.
On the small territory of Old city there could have existed five various confessions in the same time. Each confession had a church which has remained up to now. The Old Riga is a unique part of the city, which was included in the list of the UNESCO world's cultural heritage.
The tour includes guide service around the old part of the Hanseatic city - Riga. During the tour you will be introduced a brief history of Riga and you will be shown the ancient places of interest the first of which dating back to the 15th century. During the walk along the Old Riga cobble-stone picturesque streets you will see numerous places of cultural and historical importance, such as the Dome Cathedral, St.Peters church, St.Jacob's church, Great and Small Guild houses, Parliament building, Swedish Gate, etc.
Entrance fees are not included but possible during the tour for additional charges.

HIGHLIGHT: "Kuze" Coffee stop

Exclusive cozy cafe "Kuze" is located on a quiet street in the Old Town. "Kuze" offers unique cookies, cakes and sweets, specially prepared based on medieval chocolate recipes. Café is named ater the legendary confectionary empirer V. Ķuze and the atmosphere reminds of Latvia in its 30ies, when V. Ķuze created Latvia’s chocolate legend.
Café draw ideas from the past traditions and ancient recipes as well as the latest tendencies in confectionary production.
These sweets allow you to enjoy the chocolate therapy - restore energy, encourage a romantic mood, and even treat depression.

As alternative a creative marzipan sculpturing workshop can be arranged. Guests will receive a special kit with which they created marzipan images including a mushroom, dog, parrot and other imaginative figures.
Marzipan sculpturing is a unique attraction that combines a tasty and colorful visit with an opportunity to personally take part in the experience of creating images with marzipan.

HIGHLIGHT: Balsam tasting at Riga Black Magic Bar

You will stop at Riga Black Magic bar where Balsam will be served in the Alchemic laboratory of Abraham Kunze, by waitresses’ dressed in the 18th Century dresses. You will keep unforgettable memories of your visit to the alchemic laboratory of Abraham Kunze during which a mystery of making Riga Black Balsam was revealed to you. You will be surrounded by the authentic atmosphere of a medieval alchemic laboratory the host of which will make you believe in the reality of miracles.
Virtual tour:
#1 Balsam tasting includes: a mini performance (approximately 30 – 40 minutes) which is an attractive presentation of creation, making and degustation of Riga Black Balsam in the secret alchemic laboratory of A.Kunze; Riga black balsam (50g.), coffee (cup), nuts (1 portion)
#2 Balsam tasting includes: a mini performance (approximately 30 – 40 minutes) which is an attractive presentation of creation, making and degustation of Riga Black Balsam in the secret alchemic laboratory of A.Kunze; Riga black balsam (25g.), Riga black balsam currant (25g.), Riga black balsam cream (25g.), coffee (cup)
#3 Balsam tasting includes: a mini performance (approximately 30 – 40 minutes) which is an attractive presentation of creation, making and degustation of Riga Black Balsam in the secret alchemic laboratory of A.Kunze; coffee or tea (cup), Riga black balsam (50g.), cake and the magic box with balsam glazed almonds
#4 Balsam tasting includes: mini performance (approximately 30 – 40 minutes) which is an attractive presentation of creation, making and degustation of Riga Black Balsam in the secret alchemic laboratory of A.Kunze; cocktail based on Riga black balsam, cake, chocolate with butterfly and a small bottle of Riga black balsam

HIGHLIGHT: Latvian wine tasting

Even though Latvia is traditionally a country of beer drinkers, it also has some excellent home-made wines. However, grapes are also grown in Latvia, and there are enterprising folks who intend to make quality wine out of them. But grapes are not the only source of wine in Latvia. Up until the 1950s, every housewife was able to create excellent dessert wines from berries and fruit, which could surely compete in terms of their flavour, aroma and clarity of colour with their nobler cousins.
A unique flavor, wholesome bouquet of taste and it all combines home-grown wine brewage! Bitter crab and mountain ash, sour rhubarb and sea buckhorn, sweet raspberries and cherries and more, and more, and more...Therefore, don’t let this opportunity, to taste interesting and specific Latvian wines, slip by!
Wine tasting is held in Convent Court which is a historic complex located in the heart of Old Riga. It is a unique complex of 9 medieval buildings maintaining an atmosphere of the 14th - 16th centuries.

Offer Nr.1(min 5 persons)
Three types of Latvian wine (75 ml of each wine)
Canapé with chicken fillet and hazelnut caramel
Toast with salmon cream
Rye bread with hemp cottage cheese
Canapé with fried cumin cheese and raspberry jam
Filo pastry cinnamons stick

Offer Nr.2 (min 5 persons)
Four types of Latvian wine (75 ml of each wine)
Volauvent with chicken liver pate
Potato rosti with smoked salmon
Pastry basket with onion jam and goat cheese
Toast with gray peas mousse and glazed apple
Shortcrust pastry cake with dark chocolate and prunes

Restaurant Art Nouveau restaurant "Ambiente" - Maximum Capacity 80 pax

Riga justly is called the metropolis of art nouveau of European scale. Here one can get to know art nouveau in art, architecture and in taste delights as well. In old Riga Kalēju Str. 9/11 everyone will be welcomed in a restaurant AMBIENTE that is the first restaurant in Latvia, where one can experience art nouveau not only in the interior and especial atmosphere, but as well in the menu and exquisite offering style.
Restaurant AMBIENTE amazes with the luxurious interior that tells about Riga in the time of art nouveau, about values of the upper class, demands and attitude to each and every tiny detail. Here everyone can enjoy diversity of Latvian cuisine that is supplemented with luxury and particularity characteristic to the time of art nouveau, as well as relish the interflow of food preparation, taste and flavours. Restaurant AMBIENTE is shaped as a classical 5 room apartment of 20th century art nouveau in Riga with kitchen, dining room, living room, cabinet and library.

Restaurant "Monteresso"

One of the oldest restaurants in Riga, «Monterosso» was established in 1913. After re-opening in 2000 it quickly became a favorable dining place for sophisticated locals and international visitors alike. Carrying the heritage of it’s past into today’s glamour, «Monterosso» brings true Italian cuisine to the heart of Old Riga.
Our elegant interiors are complemented with a la carte menu created by world renowned chef Patrick Pages. Patrick is a rarity – he is a French chef who understands the fundamentals, essentials, and desirable taste of Italian food. Several years that he spent in Italy made him a true connoisseur of Mediterranean cuisine. Patrick’s background as a leading chef in France and his cooking experience in many European countries as well as in Japan, South America, and Africa ensure that only purity and freshness of the best ingredients shine through to create superb food served in our restaurant.
A menu at «Monterosso» is complemented by the finest wine list in Riga. Our wine cellar carries a stock of a few thousand bottles of wine carefully selected from all over the world.


Tour to Rundale (~ 6 hours)

You will spend a memorable day in the region of Zemgale, the "bread basket" of Latvia. The highlight of the tour is Rundale Palace - summer residence of the Duke of Courland Ernst Johan Biron, the most beautiful baroque architecture masterpiece in the Baltic’s. The Palace is an example of the early work of Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who also created famed Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The Palace has been renovated and today you can see a number of halls decorated with the 18th century furniture, paintings and china. It is one of the few remaining places in Latvia, where the very essence of the 18th century may still be experienced. The Palace boasts a beautiful French-style park.

Rundale: “On the Verge of Centuries”

The scene is laid in the summer residence of Duke of Curland E.J. Biron – Rundale Palace, built by the famous Italian architect F.B. Rastrelli.
We offer You to spend some hours there, to have an excursion through the park and apartments of the Palace escorted by master of the court’s ceremonies and ladies of the Duchess’s court. You will take a dive into historical atmosphere of Napoleon’s military camp, reborn in front of You.
The group of historians, that have participated in historical reconstructions of battles in Europe since 1989, will introduce You the everyday life, outfit and munitions of a soldier of the beginning of 19th century.
You will be a witness and direct participant of battle with deserters and prowlers, will help to capture them.
OPTIONAL: You will be awarded in the proper traditions in the Throne hall of the Palace. In favor of You and the victory the ball will be given.

Restaurant Folk style Restaurant "Key to Riga" - Maximum Capacity 100 pax

Located in the very heart of Old Town on Dome square and facing magnificent 13 century cathedral, Key to Riga provides an unforgettable experience for all of it's visitors. Guests are welcome to choose between authentic Latvian dishes and international menu choices accompanied with wide selection of local beers and spirits as well as classic beverages. There is a choice of indoor or terrace seating with live music performed daily during the summer time.
Interior is designed in rustic Latvian style, with everything from furniture to signature clay dishes being designed and made for this particular dining place. Waiters dressed in national costumes makes it even more authentic.
Signature dishes from Latvian menus includes grey peas, sauerkraut soup, herring and curd cheese, blood sausages and sweet bread soup
Restaurant Medieval style Restaurant "Rozengrals"

Authentic Medieval restaurant is opened in Old Riga in the premises that were already mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancient wine cellar and festival place of the Riga City Council.
The only medieval underground well of Riga and the fragment of the first defensive wall built in 1201 are still situated in the largest restaurant hall with 4-meter high arches. Restaurant is able to serve 150 guests in 4 halls.


Tour to Sigulda (~ 6 hours)

It is a tour and it is scenic! You will see lovely castles and wonderful nature.
The tour will take you to the most picturesque towns of Latvia - Sigulda, located in the Gauja National Park. Sigulda is located about 50 km from Riga. The town is situated in the Gauja River valley and is well known as the most popular tourist and leisure destination. During the tour the guide will take you around the places of interest - Turaida castle dating back to the 13th century, Sigulda castle ruins, to hear the ancient legends of the Middle Ages. A chance to have a birds view from fortification tower. The tour includes walking in the Gauja River valley to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the sandstone grottoes on the ancient riverbank.

Sigulda: Soviet Bunker Experience (~ 0.5 hour)

The Top Secret Soviet Base with Cover Name “The Pension”
There is a furnished underground facility of 2000m2 9 meters bellow the ground surface in the territory of Vidzeme Region Rehabilitation Centre “Ligatne”. Only since 2003 it is no longer classified as ‘top secret’. In Soviet Latvia times the facility was one of the most important locations of nuclear warfare strategy. It was one of the structures capable to self-sufficient functioning equipped with the most up-to-date technology of that time. All the original items of equipment have been preserved to date.
Vodka tasting with typical snack served in the authentic bunker canteen.

Sigulda: Soft Rafting (~1,5 hour)

Rafting in Sigulda for 10- 60 pers. On the way you can enjoy beautiful landscape and see Turaida castle, Krimulda castle, bridge across Gauja, cable car which connects Sigulda and Krimulda, wild life. After rafting it is possible to have picnic in camp site Siguldas pludmale.
The rafting is soft one on the slowly floating the Gauja River. It is suggested to leave the personal belongings in the bus during the activity.
The price includes safety jackets for people, safety box for cameras or video, instructors' service. The trip takes ca 1,5 hour. Up to 12 persons in float.

Sigulda: Bobsled and luge track (summer) AVAILABLE ONLY IN DRY WEATHER

Healthy soul in healthy body!
Bobsledding in Sigulda dates back to the late 19th century, when a nobleman called Kropotkin built a 900 - meter bobsled track at his estate. The modern track was designed in Leipzig and built by a company from Sarajevo. It is 1,420 meters long, and bobsleds can reach a speed of 125 kilometers per hour. The track is appropriate for bobsled and luge competitions and training, and it is part of international circuit.
There is unique possibility to ride 80's Italian bobs which participated at Sarajevo Olympic Games at 2003. The bobs were renovated and are ready for new adventurers.
Trips are possible from October 1 to March 1. For such an adventure you have to be older than 16 years old. The trip is always supported with an instructor who sits in front of you and leads the bob. It is not possible to lead the bob by yourself. It takes about 1 minute to enjoy the speed in the bob.
Summer bobsled from March until 1 October available with an instructor assistance only.

Restaurant "Kalku Varti"

In the very heart of Vecriga, the endearing restaurant Kalku varti has been given a brand new look, in which Nordic light-beige colours prevail. An ornamental charm has been created by means of Latvian ethnographic pattern, derived from a lacy counterpane needle-pointed in 1895 in Bebrene Civil Parish.
However, what would an interior be with no appropriate menu? Special attention has been paid to this in Kalku varti — the Chef Eriks Dreibants has created an intriguing offer — contemporary Latvian cuisine. The menu is based on local products: treasures from Latvian forests and produce from local farmers and organic farms.
Kalku varti is one of those restaurants, where the bill is justified by the service received, not to mention the professional mastery of the team of cooks and their ability to discover ever new taste combinations.
Restaurant "Biblioteka Nr 1" - Maximum Capacity 160 pax

Biblioteka Nr 1 (Library Nr 1 in Latvian) is the newest addition to the Gourmet dining restaurants. This restaurant is the story about the most beautiful park in the city, unforgettable journey in world of excellent food and exclusive wines.
The chef has created unique library of kitchen where you can find to highest quality seasonal products, rich experience and warmth feeling. This restaurant is a place where classics comes together with never-ending quality and search for new senses.

Tour of Jurmala (~5 hours)

Jurmala – the largest resort city in the Baltic States is well-known for its natural treasures – the mild climate, sea, healthy air, curative mud and mineral water. The attraction of Jurmala hides in its almost 33 km long white sand beach, large pine forests and the natural border of the city – the river Lielupe. In Jurmala You will discover a combination of charming wooden houses built in the beginning of the last century and modern resort buildings.
Walk along the central promenade of Jomas street, explore the eco-trails in Kemeri National park and Ragakapa Nature Park, enjoy the water attractions in the biggest aquapark in Northern Europe "Livu Akvaparks" and "Nemo", visit the famous concert hall Dzintari or simply watch the sunset on Jurmala beach!
Jurmala is divided in 13 small areas - Priedaine, Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti, Jaundubulti, Pumpuri, Melluzi, Asari, Vaivari, Sloka and Kemeri.
Jurmala is the city on the wave – on the wave of change and success, on the wave of love and hope. It welcomes everybody to return here again and again!

Jurmala's Open Air Museum with fish tasting

The museum was founded in 1970 and has been opened to the public in 1979. There is a 19th century’s fisher homestead with its building - a house, a bam, a fishing net house, a sauna, a fish smokehouse and other structures. The buildings located at the museum were brought to the museum from many different Kurzeme and Riga fishing villages.
At the museum you can see anchors, fishing boats and the biggest rope collection in Latvia.
You will also have the opportunity to try your hand at repairing and tying fishing nets. There’s a unique natural formation - "Raga Dune"- near the museum. The sand formation has a wooden foot-bridge which stretches 1,8 km and is an ideal place for a peaceful walk through a pine forest near the sea.
The museum offers on request the following activities:
* Taste of freshly smoked fish (6 -10 type) with condiments;
* Latvian beer, Rye bread
Jurmala: Make your bread loaf & Bakery visit

When Latvians talk about the national identity of their country, nothing can characterize it more precisely than genuine rye dark bread. Bakery "LACI" has been working already 18 years. The pride of the company is its high-quality genuine rye bread.
To bake "LACI" bread, age-old knowledge and skills of masters are being used. The basic activity of "LACI" bakery is not only baking bread, but also delicacies of our confectioner's. The cozy atmosphere and the smell of fresh bread entice people to "LACI" café and shop where they can try food for which bread is an ingredient as well as to buy fresh rye bread and delicacies.
Guide will tell you about the process of making bread and introduce with our bakery secrets. Tour includes tour around bakery (new bakery & old bakery), tasting, cookie making and make your own bread loaf or pretzel.
In the end of tour guests will taste different types of bread.
SPECIAL INTEREST TOURS - Guided tours in our bakery with different incentive activities. Introduce with Latvian folklore songs, dance and games. Show your cook skills and ingenuity in Soup boiling event.

Restaurant "36. Line" on the Baltic Sea coast

Restaurant "36. Line" is something very special and appealing...Cozy atmosphere, sea-view, terrific cuisine, delicate service — that all make the heart feel the touch of romance. The products are only fresh and qualitative in our restaurant. All dishes made on grill. Due to the open-type kitchen you can enjoy the tasty flavours of preparing food and mastery of our chefs. Emotions impossible to hand over — those should be experienced!
Restaurant "36. Line" is located in the shore of the Baltic sea, in the very dynes, 100m to the sea. During winter we are able to welcome in up to 45 persons, during summer the number of guests is not limited.
Airport Departure
Riga International Airport is about 12 km south-west of Riga. During normal traffic transfer duration is ca 25 min. You have to be in airport latest 1.5 hours before departure. The pick-up from the hotel will be 2 hours before the flight departure time.


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Travel facts Latvia

Travel facts Latvia

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