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Our Destination Management Company was founded nearly twenty years ago. We have our own office in the Canary Islands.  What makes us special is our team of people. We specialise in MICE, and also have a separate department for high end FITs and leisure groups. Many years of experience, an in-depth knowledge of our country, a focus on customer service, are the best base for wonderful proposals. We would love to be your DMC in the Canary Islands. We also specialise in Ibiza, Mallorca and Spain.

Short Bio Jose Miguel Gimeno

I have been in the business since I was born..., my father was a pioneer in the incoming business in Spain. Not only did I grow up with tourism, I also love working in the travel industry.

I lived in New York for a while and came back to Spain where I worked for other companies. In 1995 I decided to create my own company and founded MTGlobal with my business partner Teo Torres. I love meeting and working with people. I listen to your experiences and stories. Listening is the art of learning, and this is what I do each day at MTGlobal. We have offices in three places, Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands.


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MT Global DMC

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You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Barcelona, Canary Islands and Spain .  On these pages you will find the more details about us and our offices. 



 Testimonial MT Global

Marian, you are the perfect person to work with. I love MT Global! Thanks so much for all your hard work to make our events a success.

Best regards,

Kanoo Travel

What makes the Canary Islands a great destination

Why the Canary Islands?

As a stepping stone between to Latin America and Spain, the Canary Islands became Spanish in the 15th century, but always kept a hint of the laissez faire and happy attitude of our Latin neighbors.

The seven islands(most famous - Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma) are known for their perfect climate, the endless beaches, great night life and lovely food.

Each island has its own charm, but all are beautiful in their own way. You can find beaches that stretch for miles, some of them white - some of them black, volcanoes and the lava outbursts that create new land, crates, lush green slopes, wonderful shops, cosy cafes. Famous landmarks are El Teide (the highest mountain of Spain), the picturesque historic town of La Orotava, the National Parks and Mount Timafaya.

You can surf, glide, sail, snorkel, trek, swim, go clubbing, the possibilities are endless in the Canary Islands. We would love to put together a great program for you and your clients.

Incentive program ideas

Program idea Canary Islands

We have added a  program idea in the Canary Islands. We would be delighted to put together a full proposal for you and your clients.

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Canary Islands program idea

 Lanzarote burnt by fire, has developed a new and unique landscape, hard to find elsewhere. The similarity with a moon and cosmic landscape, contrasted by its beaches, it's just a matter of miles and dimensions.

Because of its natural beauty and its warm climate throughout the year, Lanzarote, as well as infrastructure and impeccable professional services, allows us to organize all kinds of events, offering services such as active or traditional cultural visits, a big variety of teambuilding and aquatic activities, special dinners, etc..
Lanzarote, an ideal destination for all kinds of meetings, whether for business or pleasure.

In arriving at the airport, the staff of KEY DM (providing that the customer contract) will welcome the group and accompany their vehicles ahead. If necessary, our staff will also assist with any problem that could have been presented.
If interested in this service KEY DM offers the possibility of a special reception at the arrival of the group, with folk groups, gifts.

event ideas
The south and the volcanoesThe excursion starts off in from our hotel in direction of the National Timanfaya Park of Timanfaya.
Whoever comes to visit the island must go to visit the Timanfaya National Park a unique surrounding created by Nature during the almost 6 years eruptions of 1730/1736.
The Park is filled with myriad volcanic landscapes unfolding one after another. At the Islote de Hilario (Hilario's Islet) geothermal demonstrations are held periodically to show visitors the effects of up to 400º centigrade temperatures found just beneath the surface.
After this visit we continue towards the south west coast where we will enjoy a little walk to approach a natural lagoon formed by sea-water filtering in from the ocean in el Golfo.
Then we will drive you into the Valley of La Geria., which landscape is unmistakable and its layers of lava are the most distinctive on Lanzarote, exhibiting a unique system of grapevines growing in pits hollowed out of the lava cinders and protected from the wind by walls built of lava-stone. The legendary golden, refreshing Malmsey wine is the heady result of this method of cultivation.
We'll stop at the Bodegas Stratvs for the visit of this gorgeous Winery (one of the most modern winery in Europe) and have lunch there as well.

Lunch wine cellar and restaurant

The architectural style of the Bodegas STRATVS was designed with the utmost consideration for the surrounding landscape and its status as a protected area. On the farm, located in the Barranco del Obispo (the Bishop's Ravine), the old farmhouse has been preserved. The winery and its installations have been built underground, thus preserving the ravine's original topography. Local materials with a low visual impact were used in its construction, such as volcanic stone, iron and wood. Here we will have the opportunity to taste some wines of this wine cellar with local cheese before having lunch.


Morning Bike tour around the hidden corners of El Retiro Park. Located the city center is entirely surrounded by present-day city life and offers a lot of hidden treasures. During our tour we can visit: a Persian hunting lodge, the house of cows, the glass palace, the only statue in the world of the devil, or the beautiful lake, where we can change the bikes for boats and enjoy a nice and relaxing rowing boat ride. We will finish with a glass of cava with a picnic of Spanish tapas.
Lunch will be served in one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid located nearby the Retiro Park.
Afternoon at leisure for shopping around Serrano neighborhood.
Gala dinner at Casino de Madrid, one of the best venues in a historical building of the City Center, which offer the Menus of a 2 Michelin *, Paco Roncero.

Dinner Jameos del agua

Los Jameos del agua is a large cave formed by the collapse of the roof of the tunnel that begins at the La Corona Volcano. César Manrique carried out his first project here, bringing out the natural beauty of the place and harmonising his creation with the surroundings, including an auditorium installed in a part of the volcanic cave. In the middle, a natural lagoon whose green waters are home to a unique crustacean, the white crab (minidopsis polimorpha), a miniature being and the only such example existing, blind doubtless from evolving in a totally dark environment over the millenniums. No one knows where these creatures came from, possibly the remnants of survivors trapped in the cave during one of the numerous upheavals that occurred thousands of years ago.
We will first visit this fantastic place and then enjoy the dinner.

Catamaran sailing
Catamaran Sailing with the Tahiti´s professional crew, you are assured of the most friendly and relaxed service in the Canary Islands. So why not sit back and be pampered with the thought you always had: that life is all about indulgence!
Help yourself to the complementary bar and keep an eye out for whales and dolphins as we cruise to Papagayo. Anchoring in a sheltered bay, now is the time to explore the marine life in the crystal clear waters. Make the most of our fully inclusive snorkelling equipment and gain knowledge from our dedicated snorkelling crew. For the more adventurous, let one of the instructors tempt you with an exhilarating Jet-Ski ride around the bay. Soon however you will be drawn back to the inviting aromas of cooking on board, as the cook serves up a delicious hot pasta meal with a tuna or vegetarian sauce, salad, cheese and bread to satisfy the most energetic amongst you!
With a little supplement and since we will have this catamaran in exclusivity for the group, we could change the pasta for Paella.
During the sail you will have at your disposal an open bar of beer, wine, soft drinks and mineral water.
Sailing gently back along the dramatic coastline, everyone is welcome to try their hand at steering or pulling the ropes. On the other hand, why not simply relax with a drink in hand to end the perfect day...


Increasingly, due to the excellent sea and weather conditions throughout the year, Lanzarote is the scene of professional racings, such as the trophy C. Manrique, the championship of Spain J80, and a great etc. This activity does not require any knowledge of navigation.
The group will be divided into teams of 6 /8 people depending on the boats available at the time of confirmation. Each team will demonstrate its navigation capabilities. Once at sea we trained a few minutes before beginning our challenge. For this activity, we will have X Yates + a support boat (Zodiac), for those who might find they do not walk Marine ... The approximate duration of the Regatta will be 3 hours depending on sea conditions and wind, as well as the interest of participants.


Restaurant option

This restaurant is located on the seafront in Marina Rubicon. A local attractive, spacious, overlooking the bay of Playa Blanca, with an avant-garde decor and differs from the other restaurants. The restaurant is run by the Navarro family, offering the highest quality both in the kitchen and dining area. Thsi is an ideal place to enjoy a lunch facing the ocean or a dinner.

Golf courses options

Puerto del Carmen Golf Course (south)
Designed by the famous North-American Ron Kirby, Lanzarote Golf is a modern 18 hole par 72 golf course, situated between Puerto del Carmen and Tias. Surrounded by volcanoes, it offers uninterrupted views where one may practise golf while contemplating all the majesty of the Atlantic ocean and the traditional landscape of Lanzarote.
Costa Teguise Golf Course (north)
This golf course lies at the foot of an old volcano and has breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. This 18-hole course, which was designed by British landscape architect John Harris, was built in 1978. This is a fantastic course, not only because of its design but also thanks to the excellent condition in which it is kept all year round.

Restaurant and pub option
The restaurant is situated in the beautiful Marina Rubicón, Playa Blanca, with one of the best locations to watch the sun set over the dormant volcano of Montana Roja.
Its cuisine and service are excellent and after Lunch or dinner what about a drink at the terrace "Vino Blanco", hold by the same owner and 2 steps from the restaurant.
The terrace Vino Blanco is a newly opened place where you can enjoy relaxing atmosphere of music and drinks all with the professionalism and kindness that always characterizes Salvador the owner. divided into two parts, an inner courtyard with a separate bar and an outdoor terrace off the promenade and the mooring of boats, in some areas covered by tents that resemble the sails of a ship.

Discover the island where we will have an interactive day full of entertainment. It's aimed to search emblematic photos with the cooperation of our groups, with good results on the different events, enjoy the landscapes and local cuisine. The fun, motivation competitively and humour are assured.
Discovery rally

Some possible visits:
Cesar Manrique Foundation
Cactus Garden
Monument of the Farmen (lunch)
Mancha Blanca
Mirador del Río
Famara Beach
La Santa

Some of the visited places

The Mirador del Río, or River Overlook, towering over the Famara Cliffs at 475 m above sea level, enables you to observe the islets that surround Lanzarote and which almost make up their own parallel archipelago. The view is exceptionally beautiful thus the impetus and vigour of nature.
Famara Beach consider the largest sandy beach of Lanzarote, this beach is very well known for surfers all around the World and hold part of the Mundial Surf competition.
The Cactus garden, the last creation by the Lanzarotean Artist César Manrique, which, inaugurated in March of 1990, houses more than 10.000 cacti plants of more than 1.000 species, all exhibited to their best effect to show off the life and expression inherent in these apparently inert elements

The Monument, also dedicated to Fertility, was conceived by César Manrique using old fishing boat water tanks elevated on a platform of rocks. The Casa Museum, an old farm house, was restored and enlarged by the artist who from the 1960´s was involved in a campaign to rescue and preserve Canary architecture.
The Monument Restaurant offers a delicious array of typical stew) and traditional desserts, all in a setting which transports us back in time.


We will go to Puerto del Carmen. As befits such a Mecca for tourists, there are wealth of shopping opportunities available, whether you want to peruse the tourist offerings of the main Beach Avenue or fancy something a bit more up market in the new Biosfera shopping complex. After shopping we will return to the hotel. Due to the morning activity, we have 2 possibilitie:
•coming back to the hotel with the cars and then taking a bus with guide to drive you to Puerto del Carmen
•Letting free time to the particioants with the cars to go shopping

Gala dinner

This attractive restaurant is situated overlooking the sea in the harbour of Puerto Calero, some 20 minutes drive from Playa Blanca. Its food and service make it highly recommendable for a top-quality Gala Dinner.
It has a large outside terrace for a pre-dinner cocktail and a small dance-floor and stage inside for dancing or where we can organise any kind of show: folkloric, Carnival, Quartet of Jazz Music, Latin music in live, etc.

 More about our company

More about MT Global

At MT Global we are known for our standard of excellence. Listening to our clients' whishes and working hard to combine it with the best venues possible is our strength.

We organise events and incentives in the Canary Islands where we have our own office and all over Spain,  Ibiza and Mallorca.

We specialise in MICE, VIP Groups, Special Groups, Luxury Travel, Conferences, Meetings, Special Interest Groups, Cruises, Shore Excursions, Corporate Travel, Hotel Bookings, Gala dinners

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