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Why Buenos Aires is a great destination
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 Destination Buenos Aires

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Why Argentina is a great destination
Incentive program idea
Travel facts Argentina 


You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Argentina and Buenos Aires. Here you can read more details about us and our offices.

 What makes Buenos Aires a great destination

 Why Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, city of the Tango, the Paris of Latin America and one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas. It's cosmopolitan, elegant, edgy in some places with traces of the French colonial thrown in.

Famous neighborhoods like La Boca with its colorful houses, Puerto Madero - the four docks, Recoleta- the posh part with its cafes, bars and the cemetery with Evita and Monserrat - where you will find the grand buildings, will all enchant you and your clients.

Amazing hotels, great restaurants, and many places to hold events - Buenos Aires is a perfect destination.

The possibilities are endless and we warmly invite you and your clients to our beautiful country.

Incentive program idea

Program idea Buenos Aires

To give you an impression of how an incentive program in our country can look like, I have added a lovely program idea in Buenos Aires . If you are looking for other options in Buenos Aires, please  don't hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Buenos Aires

Day 1

Meet and greet at the International airport of Buenos Aires (EZE).  Transfer in air conditioned vehicle with bilingual guide.    
Private check in and welcome drink as a courtesy  
Time for freshen up upon arrival  
Located in Puerto Madero Area, Il Gato offers an exquisite menu to enjoy Italian typical dishes. In addition to pasta dishes you can taste meat, chicken and fish. Other services and facilities available to the property include WI-FI, air conditioning and a terrace with panoramic views of the area.   

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel  
DISCOVERING BUENOS AIRES. Buenos Aires is an exceptional, dynamic, sophisticated and overwhelming city. An exquisite combination of a European flair and the charm of Latin American cities. This tour provides an in-depth introduction to its history and  architecture, the culture of its people, anecdotes and secrets. A five-hour ride through the paradigmatic areas of the city: the lively and frenzied downtown area, the “aristocratic” northern neighbourhoods and the working class districts in the south. The Buenos Aires highlights will be visited, acknowledging the transformation of a village that grew into a mega city. 
BOCA JUNIORS-FUTBOL STADIUM VISIT La Boca is home to the world-famous Club Atletico Boca Juniors, the biggest football club in Argentina—and possibly the whole continent. In the bowels of this stadium is a new, high-tech museum, with 72 digital video monitors playing highlights of the best seasons, and a 360° video show, which supposedly feels a bit like you’re playing for the club yourself. Guided visit to Boca Juniors museum and the interior of the stadium. The Stadium was inaugurated in 1940 and it was popularly renamed as "La Bombonera" (The Chocolate Box).  
At the entrance hall there is a mural painting by Benito Quinquela Martín, depicting the colours of the institution (blue and yellow). Another mural painting,  by Pérez Celis, featuring the club and the neighbourhood characters can be seen on the external facade.  The Museo de la Pasión Boquense (Boca Juniors Fans Museum) is located on Brandsen street, a short distance from the stadium. It exhibits a collection of objects and audiovisual production about the club history. We could stop for a short visit to the stadium divide the group up. 
THE TORTONI CAFE is the ideal place to stop in the middle of a City Tour, for a cup of hot chocolate and delicious croissants. As a surprise, we can rent a picturesque private room in the back and show a short video on Evita’s life followed by a demonstration of tango. A couple of our skilled tango teachers will teach the group the first steps and introduce them to this fascinating dance. Our preferred way to arrive at the Café Tortoni for this pleasant visit is on a vintage subway which we take from Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires’ main square, for a brief trip of one station.  After this amusing break, we are ready to continue on our City Tour to the next intriguing neighborhood in Buenos Aires.   
LA BARRICA TRADITIONAL BISTRO in La Boca very close to Caminito.  A place to taste the Argentine flavors, enjoy the charm of the tango, the secrets of the Argentine wines and the magic of the paintings reflecting the bohemian ambiance    
Menu:  Guests will find an informal and relaxing way to enjoy their lunch. They will have the chance to taste the best assorted cheese and cold cuts, imitating an authentic Argentine “picada”. The picada is more than a meal, it means an opportunity to have a good time with friends.   
- CHARICATURISTS: Draws excellent caricatures of your guests, sketching them during lunch. Each artist draws 20 caricatures per hour and half.   
- SURPRISE TANGO DANCE:  Female and male dancers (exact number TBC) will surprise guests entering La Barrica inviting them to try to dance the basic steps of tango.  Maximum: 30 minutes.      
A fascinating underground trip into the origins of the city. Let yourself be guided with tales left to us by old storytellers and enjoy the unexpected: Dona Mariana and the sunken bed, Anacleto wandering  under the city and many more stories…that sound unbelievable but true.     
THE ART OF MAKING PIZZA Step into a time warp and a grab a table at El Cuartito: one of Buenos Aires’ oldest and most popular pizzerias. With vintage boxing and football posters covering the walls, a frantic waiter running around the tables to take orders and deliver food, and the most delicious pizza I’ve eaten in quite some time, this incredible restaurant is one of the city’s best.  El Cuartito has been in business since 1934. Found in Recoleta, it’s a busy place during lunch; you can either order at the counter or sit down for service. The pizza at El Cuartito is out of this world. At least, it is if you like cheese, mounds of heavy cheese dripping off every slice. You can combine different styles of pizza, and try out a variet 
DINNER AT ESTILO CAMPO RESTAURANT:Including private transfer to the restaurant, Appetizer/main course/dessert- with soft drinks and ½ bottle of wine per person. Full assistance, tips for waiters and transfer back to the Hotel.   
Sample Menu:     
1st. Meat Cornish pasty and grilled provolone cheese 2nd. Rib eye beef with salads and French fries 3rd. Tiramisu ice-cream 4th. Coffee with petit four 5th. Champagne toast Drinks: Typical argentine Malbec wine and Cabernet Sauvignon and Soft drinks.   
Try our Argentine beef, the typical criollo barbecue-like taste. The best meat cuts. Choose from our menu the most delicate wines to enjoy the best Argentine steak! This is ideal for the first night visit, located at the water front area of Buenos Aires, PuertoMadero.  Enjoy the service and attention of our gaucho’s waiters. District: Puerto Madero   

Day 3

Buffet breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.  El ROSARIO DE ARECO RANCH is a charming estancia located near San Antonio de Areco, the heart of the gaucho country in the Pampa plains, outside the city of Buenos Aires. “Pampa” in the aborigine language means “plain without trees”. The cradle of the gaucho, the region has a definite rural identity and traditional customs.  
The gaucho of Buenos Aires is the model that has been taken and repeated, with variations, in the other regions. The closeness to the traditional town of Areco, makes “El Rosario” the ideal gateway to visit the town and its surroundings, especially the  Argentine gaucho culture. The Guevara family will tour you around; teach you to horseback ride or play polo and enjoy the country on a family day.   The climate is temperate and humid and pleasant year-round. It is ideal for a day-visit to the pampas out of Buenos Aires, given the short distance 1.45 minutes’ drive. We will learn about the country and Criollo culture, enjoying tradition; the company of a great Argentine family that will for sure make feel at home. 
Activities in the ranch included:  
- Empanadas reception
- Barbecue lunch with beverages (mineral water and soft drinks)
- Folk music show
- Gaucho skills demonstration
- Horse riding
- Horse – carriages strolls              
Eating in the privacy of a local home converted into a Close door restaurant. We have more than 45 selected restaurants in our city which we have personally visited them all. Having dinner away from the crowds is becoming more and more popular and it is for visitors a great way  to learn about our culture. Closed-door restaurants, a.k.a. restaurantes a puertas cerradas, are big in Buenos Aires,.  Never heard of them?   
Menus usually change weekly or even daily according to the whims of the chef. They also almost never  offer you a choice of dishes; you just get what the chef is cooking on the night you go, which is actually kind of liberating. The result of all of this is something more intimate and social than a regular restaurant. Going to a closed-door restaurant usually involves meeting and chatting with the chef and the other guests, rather than just eating and dashing. There’s much more a feeling of a shared experience with your fellow diners. Also, the cuisine they offer is often a lot more creative and adventurous than your standard Buenos Aires restaurant fare (which makes a welcome change from meat-and-Malbec).     

 Day 4 

Buffet breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.    
VISIT TO EVITA MUSEUM is a vital experience when visiting Buenos Aires. A most controversial character in Argentina’s history, Eva Perón is a myth. The museum is a place  where people feel, learn and understand. For those who don’t know about her. For those who know her and want to know more. A museum designed for Argentines and foreigners to understand a fundamental part of Argentine History.  On the 50th anniversary of her death, July 26, 2002, EVITA MUSEUM opened its doors, a place that tells about the life and work of one of the most important women in Argentine history and shows the truth with historical rigor. Through a unique heritage, visitors will be able to know about her life, the social reality and the international context of those days so as to have a better understanding of the country at that time.   
The Museum is located in the building that housed the Temporary Home nº 2 of the Eva Perón Social Aid Foundation, and has been declared National Historical Place by Parliament. The cultural center is complemented with a Café Restó and a Souvenir Store. 
THE RECOLETA CEMENTERY has been compared to the Pére Lachaise of Paris, being one of the fundamental architectural pieces of Buenos Aires city. It represents the cornerstone of the Recoleta area of Barrio Norte, and a great example of its beauty. It has 4700 crypts, distributed in a map of squares and wide inner streets, setting up an area of 50.000 square meters. 
The Recoleta cemetery is an example of great and different architectural styles; many leaders of the Argentine history are buried there, between exquisite statues, streets and works of art that seem to struggle amongst themselves for unique marvel and beauty. This makes the cemetery become a special walk for tourists, since the fact that it is a cemetery does not affect the freshness of this kind of outdoor art gallery. The entrance consists of neoclassic doors and high Greek columns. Its mausoleums are marked with the name of the family carved in their ornamental fronts, plus bronze plaques which indicate individual family members; such as in the case of many Argentine presidents. fet breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant. 
CARRIAGE RIDE AT PALERMO PARKS. After this, you will continue to Palermo Parks where you can enjoy a carriage ride – walking is another option. The ride will take 30 minutes. Each carriage can hold 4 passengers.  The beautiful parks and gardens of Palermo represent an important breathing space for Buenos Aires. Twenty-five hectares of open air. This green space, abundant in parks mesh with the examples of the French school of architecture, as well as some of the finest sculptures in the city.       
COLON OPERA HOUSE SPECIAL VISIT The Colon Theatre is one of the world’s grand opera houses. This turn of the century Italian Renaissance-style building with French and Greek influence covers a full city block. Artists such as Enrico Caruso, Vaslov Nijinsky, Ana Pavlova, Mikjail Barishnikov, María Callas, Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Rudolf Nureyev have performed on its stage. Stravinsky, Strauss and Bernstein have conducted here. According to dancer Barishnikov: “the most beautiful of all the theatres I know”. We will have the privilege to go for private visit to the back stage area, and changing rooms, as well as the stage and other areas.     

ROJO TANGO. Including private transfer to the restaurant, Appetizer/main course/dessert- with soft drinks and ½ bottle of wine per person. Full assistance, tips for waiters and transfer back to the Hotel.   
This show is a unique experience; not just a regular Tango show but also a special event in a unique location with a sophisticated and refined menu.  
You will enjoy the most incredible Tango Show in an extraordinary place: The Cabaret, which will transport us to the atmosphere of the Cabarets and Tango 
Houses of the beginning of the Century. The choreography is a combination of modern and sensual tango dance; its live music creates an atmosphere, which will give you the sensation of being part of the whole thing.          
GALA TANGO. Including private transfer to the restaurant, Appetizer/main course/dessert- with soft drinks and ½ bottle of wine per person. Full assistance, tips for waiters and transfer back to the Hotel.  
A unique place because of its architecture and decoration which has made of Gala Tango the most distinguished spot in Buenos Aires. From the moment you first come into contact with Gala Tango until the last part of the show, you will feel you are in a different world and will live a real experience. Gourmet dinner, Tango & Folklore Show, as well as a special wine list are services offered at Gala Tango.  The venue is located in the heart of San Telmo, a very special & traditional “Tango area” of Buenos Aires.  The designers of the venue tried to arrange a very special VIP area for private exclusive shows only. For this reason, the service & the quality of a unique cuisine are offered. The Tango show lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, after enjoying the best dinner and show that will grant you an unforgettable experience with a combination of the Tango and our Folklore.  If you rent the venue privately, we can organize Tango Lessons, wine tasting, among other options.      

 Day 5 

Buffet breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.    
COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO FD: Colonia is a small city founded by the Portuguese in 1680, at a time when Spain and Portugal were in the midst of confrontations. For over a hundred years both Empires fought over it, until finally the Treaty of Saint Ildefonso awarded it to Spain. Today the Old City has a lot to say about its Colonial past. Visit the picturesque streets of Colonia del Sacramento, the eldest city in the country, recently declared World Heritage by UNESCO.  The past can still be felt, in the city’s cobblestone streets and stone walls. Colonia complements its archaeological values with natural beauty, the permanent company of the Uruguay River and the emblematic monuments that stand out on the horizon, such as the cathedral and the lighthouse, and  nearby, the Real de San Carlos bullring. 
HD TIGRE AND DELTA TOUR Drive through  the fashionable riverside suburbs of Olivos, San Isidro, San Fernando to Tigre, with its gracious homes, weeping willows, open air restaurants and cafes, assorted food vendors, soap-box politics, this is the preferred "playground of the porteños". Continue by motor launch for a leisurely cruise along the waterways and islands of the delta. Cruise past turn of the century stone mansions, English cottages, Italian villas, little wooden shacks painted bright blue and green, ferries, crews practicing in outriggers, lonely canoeists, rowing and yacht clubs.   
POLO DAY A day in the countryside with the best Polo in the world and an Argentinean BBQ lunch.   The day includes:  -An introduction to the Polo Pony, learn about the blood line of the Polo Pony how they are chosen for the sport and how they are trained.  See Polo Ponies practicing training exercises and will learn about the complexity of the sport. -A traditional countryside BBQ with Argentine wines and beef. -Traditions of Polo, its history and how it has come to be a popular pastime in the Argentine countryside. -A Polo exhibition match with a full explanation. -Horse back ridding through the Pampas. 
From the fires of grills, rotisseries, large ovens, and expansive cook tops, all under the direction of Chef Fernando Trocca, come a wide range of foods that are difficult to characterize other than to call them modern Argentine. The ingredients are certainly local in focus – lots of delicious beef and lamb plus some seafood – but with splashes of international flavours, style, and presentation. One may not visit Argentina looking for refined food – this is certainly the land of big steaks, after all – but it’s impossible not to appreciate the detail of flavour, texture, presentation, and quality of ingredients at Sucre, especially when so many restaurants in town are lacking on more than a few of those fronts.      

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