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Dizak Ketex (DZK), started in 1997 in Prague and by now we have added offices in Budapest, Bucharest, Bratislava and Vienna. In Bucharest we have a fantastic team in place. Our focus at DZK is corporate communication, team motivation, thank-you trips, products launches and events. We think on our feet , have creative ideas and work hard to make your event or incentive a great success.  As your DMC in Bucharest, we would love to show you what our beautiful city has on offer for your clients and organise your event to perfection.

Short Bio Manuel Jimenez

With many years of experience in the travel industry I started working in 1993 in Austria. I moved to Prague in 2001, but am completely familiar with the central European capitals, like Bucharest.

I am known by our suppliers as « The Star of MICE » and my colleagues tease me, as I know every place and speak English (with an Austrian accent), Spanish (with an English accent) and German (with different accent). I would love to welcome you to Bucharest.

Cristina Ilina is our very competent Bucharest Office Manager.
She would love to share her knowledge with you to make your next event in Bucharest your best program ever!


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Contact details:
DZK Travel Bucharest
Bucuresti, sector 5
Calea Rahovei nr 266-268
corp 1 et 2, Camera 01A
Phone +40 726 36 73 71

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Testimonial DZK Travel

Hi Viktoria

Once again, an enormous thank you for all your hard work put in towards making the Emerald Circle trip to Budapest a fantastic success. The feedback received from the individuals, to date, has been spectacular!

Please can you send through a final recon of all extra costs and credits to us by midday/12h00 next week  so that I can invoice the client that same week. We need to reconcile and finalize all accounting/finance aspects of this particular file by close of business that same week.... Eek!

Many thanks

What makes Bucharest a great destination

Why Bucharest

Known in days gone by as Little Paris, Bucharest is now a vibrant, busy capital of Romania.

Bucharest is higgledy piggledy filled with buildings of different eras, so you can find a gorgeous Belle Epogue building, next to a modern office building. Our city has wide boulevards, old churches, and lovely parks.

There are many places of historic interest and great venues for events, like the Athenee Palace Hotel - built in 1914, The Palace of the Savings Banks - with its famous Corinthian columns, and the Old Historical Center with the charming Lipscani District, which is slowly being restored to its former glory - now houses art galleries, coffeehouses, shops and bars.

Romania – Did you know?
The Parliament building, with its 350,000 m2 of floor area, is the second-largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. It is open for tours, and gala dinners are regularly held there.

Bucharest is an unusual destination and lends itself very well for the most wonderful incentives and events and we would be delighted to assist with a proposal.

Incentive program idea

Program idea Bucharest

Bucharest is fascinating, the very heart of Romanian cultural and economic life. At the crossroads of religions and history, it features exceptional architectural and human wealth. Through its alleyways and broad avenues, the city plunges you into one surprise after another: improbably oversized structures, broad avenues lined with modern buildings, narrow, shady streets lined with manor houses. A destination you have to see to believe.

Who is this program for?
• Stimulation and motivation trip
• Seminars

If you are interested in other programs we can create for you, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Day 1

Participants arrive and transfer by bus to the city centre. Luggage is taken directly to the hotel.
In the centre of Bucharest, typical cuisine featuring grilled meats, polenta and tasty cakes.
Bucharest is a legendary city in European history.
The city is marked by the economic and architectural boom in the early 19th century. But it is the frenzied Communist period that leaves its mark on visitors.
Set off to discover the city in the form of a rally (photos, tastings of wine and local products, music, etc.).
Gypsy evening (music, fire, dances, caravans, characters) at the Mediapro Studios or in Snagov, lakeside.

Day 2*Morning: Bucharest = Little Moscow?
Participants are divided into groups of three and climb aboard magnificent vintage Dacia automobiles. The tour starts with the city's Communist history, at the building that was the headquarters of the old Communist Party. The painful history of the revolution will be discussed at University Square. Meet witnesses to this history while enjoying a coffee or other refreshment.
Leave by automobile for the People's Palace, the world's largest administrative site after the Pentagon. The Dacias will head down Bucharest's own version of the Champs-Élysées. Tour the People's Palace with a quiz on the history of Communism in Romania.
In the city centre, with grilled specialties – weather permitting.
*Afternoon: Bucharest, Little Paris of the East?
We pass by the Arc of Triumph, an homage to France. Next is the George Enescu Museum; he was a famous Romanian composer of the early 20th century. Private concert. We continue on to the Hilton Hotel, with stops at the Romanian Athenaeum (concert hall) and the Museum of Art.
*Evening – Gala dinner at the Royal Palace
A former royal residence, this Gothic building decorated with a sculpted bell looks out over the Old Town, the historic heart of Bucharest. Recital of opera arias on the second floor and cocktail party in the palace.
Back to the hotel by bus.

Day 3

Excursion to Lake Snagov where the head of Count Dracula is buried on an island.
For this occasion, the best way to get there is on the yacht of former dictator Ceausescu, sailing towards the island's monastery. We will be greeted by a monk who will recite the history of Count Dracula. Possibility of lunch aboard the boat.
On site.
Leave for the airport.

- Gala dinner in the Buftea movie studios: the city of Bucharest has two movie studios that are perfect for team-building activities or for holding gala dinners.
- On day 3: an exploration of traditional Romanian life at the Village Museum. Craftsmen and music.

More about our company

More about DZK Travel

Our agency now has a team of 10 people, who speak several languages fluently. At DZK Travel we focus  on four areas: consulting, hospitality, organisation and innovation.

Our goals:
*establishing lasting partnerships;
*a team presence in the field;
*a personalised approach to your projects;
*personal contact to better understand your expectations;
*a single contact, from conception through invoicing.

We specialise in MICE, VIP Groups, Special Groups, Luxury Travel, Conferences, Meetings, Special Interest Groups, Cruises, Shore Excursions, Corporate Travel, Hotel Bookings, Gala dinners.

 We would love to welcome you and your clients to Bucharest

Travel facts Bucharest

Travel facts Bucharest

Currency Romanian New Leu
Language Romanian
Local time GMT (London) + 3.00hours
Public holidays Public holidays in Romania
Climate in Bucharest Weather in Romania
Passport and visa Visa and passport information Romania

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