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Why Belgium is a great destinaton
Incentive program idea in Belgium
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What makes Brussels a great destination


Why Brussels

Brussels, famous as the political city of Europe, where the European Union has settled in the center. It is easy to see why they choose our beautiful city - no where in the world you can find better food, a more beautiful old square, and is so well located as Brussels. 

City of wonderful delights - especially if you like chocolates, art nouveau and Michelin star restaurants. You'll find 18th century grand mansions leaning against hyper modern apartment blocks, an incredibly beautifully restored Grand Place - where every Saturday in the summer a musical light show takes place, and small alleys where you can sample the most delicious seafood.

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Incentive program ideas

Program idea Brussels

We have added program ideas to show you what we can do for you and your clients in Brussels. If you would like to receive a tailor-made proposal, please let us know what you need at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My team and I are at your disposal.


Brussels, capital city of Europe
Brussels city is quickly becoming a trendy spot for weekend getaways and holidays. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers there are many attractions that most visitors cannot begin to imagine. It is a centre of European culture, officially nicknamed 'the European Village', with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks, trendy restaurants and bars.

Grand Place
The first place you will normally be taken to see in the city. A small but delicately sculpted 15th century town square erected over centuries to become this modern day representation of Brussels' history. Almost all of the buildings have a historical significance and the Hotel de Ville (the Town Hall) is still used today! Located in Brussels city centre, just down from Brussels Centrale, this ancient market place is the starting point.
Peeing boy
Just a few narrow alleyways from the Grand Place, the Peeing Boy, or Mannekin Pis, as it is normally called by locals, is a fascinating little statue. Not only does it attract thousands of curious tourists every year to Brussels, local Brussels people celebrate many festivities with this bronze fountain. On last count there are over 700 costumes for this fellow for all events of the year and from countries around the world.

Opera House
The most famous opera house in Belgium is La Monnaie (the Mint). Along with many historical buildings in Brussels, this building has enjoyed a long history of construction, rebuilding and refurbishment. The current building is the third on the site and at one point it hosted the best of French theatre only second to the opera houses in Paris. Brussels opera is still highly active and the agenda is packed so admire the structure during the day but pay a visit to the theatre at night!



An interactive and fun bus tour around the capital of Europe and its main attractions.

Explore the arches of the Cinquantenaire and Magritte's surrealism, the majestic Art Nouveau curves of the city's façades and the text bubbles of comic books... Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope that is Brussels.

Enjoy a tasting (of typical Brussels beer and cheese) on board. The tour includes two stops (at the triumphal arches of the Cinquantenaire and the Atomium). An original way of exploring Brussels together!


The comic strip trail explores the interaction between artistic expression and an urban backdrop; a walk that will appeal to people of all ages as you are immersed in the amazing universe of comic strips.
Whether you are passionate about comics or not, whether you are a distracted reader or an attentive traveller, this trail conveys the stuff of dreams: a taste from another continent...
Do you want to enjoy yourself? Then be quick on the ball (or on the bubble in this case...). We know how to surprise you! A comic strip and a specialist guide as your host at the start of your walk will make it a memorable visit!


Discover Brussels with the assistance of our intrepid reporter and his trusty companion, Snowy, as you walk from bubble to bubble.

Listen to the voice of La Castafiore in front of the Royal Monnaie Theatre, see the port of Brussels with Captain Haddock, commemorate the legendary meeting between Tchang and Hergé, and spice up your visit with the fabulous ideas of Professor Calculus and the collaboration of those two famous detectives, Thompson and Thompson...

Relive Tintin's adventures on this trail, which puts Brussels and the nineth art in the spotlight, but in a different way.


During the nineteenth century Brussels became a particularly wealthy crossroads for Europeans because of Belgium's reputation as a nation at the forefront of the metal industry, as one of the first countries to produce cars, with engineers being invited across the world to build railways...

Belgium attracted some of the world's great minds.

At the invitation of one of our brilliant captains of industry, Ernest Solvay, Nobel Prize winners, including Einstein, would gather, for example, at the Metropole Hotel. The best example of this expansion is the birth of Art Nouveau thanks to the brilliant Brussels architect, Victor Horta.

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