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Passion for Events is a relatively young DMC company that stands for making the impossible possible!  We are based in Buenos Aires, servicing the whole of Argentina. We can offer you some stunning options for your next event. Beautiful sceneries and great activities can be combined to make your stay unforgettable! Our team at Passion for Events would love to assist you with the realization of your event. If you are looking for a reliable, supportive and motivated  partner on the ground, just contact us!

Short Bio Araceli di Meglio

Feeling a deep passion for Argentina and our culture, I started working in tourism more than 15 years ago. 
I am enthusiastic and very motivated with an eye for details.
I strive to bring our travelers in contact with people who will enrich their journeys across Argentina regarding cuisine, culture, nature and adventure.
In my free time I love travelling.


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You will find information about our destinations on the following pages: Argentina and Buenos Aires. Here you can read more details about us and our offices.


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Destination Argentina



What makes Argentina a great destination

 Why Argentina

What comes to mind when you think of Argentina, it surely is passion. Passion for the country, the stunning tango found on virtually every street corner, beautiful horses, playing polo, great food, big steaks, passion shines through it all.

Buenos Aires is of course stunning, but Argentina is so much more than this handsome, almost French city. You can travel way down south to Patagonia and its amazing glaciers- like the Periot Moreno Glacier, the roaring Iguazu Falls - shared with its neighboring country Brazil, visit the stunning wine areas in Mendoza, the wetlands, and experience staying at a true gaucho farm.

The possibilities are endless and we warmly invite you and your clients to our beautiful country.

Incentive program idea

Program idea Argentina

Argentina has much more to offer than only its Tango! To give you an impression of how an incentive program in our country can look like, I have added this lovely program idea "A taste of Argentina  - Tango-Glaciers & Jungle”.  If you are looking for other options in Argentina, please  don't hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires was founded in 1580 on the shores of the River Plate and today not only is it the continent’s largest city it is also the most sophisticated.  Its people are lively and friendly; it has something for every visitor:  beautiful parks, football stadiums, restaurants of all kinds, horse racing, riding, rose gardens, golf courses, night clubs, theatres, tango and opera.    Shopping is an exciting experience along Florida Street, around San Martin Plaza or in San Telmo where antiques are a specialty.  The Italian Boca district, Palermo Parks, Recoleta Cemetery, San Telmo, the fashionable northern residential homes, the waterway of the Parana River, are all attractions that give Buenos Aires a character of its own.  A city to be enjoyed! 

Day 1 - Buenos Aires
Meet and greet at the International airport of Buenos Aires (EZE). Forty five minute transfer in air conditioned vehicle with bilingual guide. Separate luggage truck for the luggage it is recommended
Porterage at hotel and airport included
Optionals: Mineral Water during Transfer
Time for freshen up upon arrival.  
Afternoon at leisure   
Option 1 Dinner at Estilo Campo Restaurant – Puerto Madero   
Try our Argentine beef, the typical criollo barbecue-like taste. The best meat cuts. Choose from othe menu the most delicate wines to enjoy the best Argentine steak! Enjoy the service and attention of our gaucho’s waiters.   
Option 2 Dinner at Gourmet Porteño Restaurante  
Gourmet Porteño, located in Puerto Madero area, is the most chic tenedor libre (literally "free fork" or buffet) in Buenos Aires. It has five food different stations: a parrilla or grill (with the best cuts of beef, chicken and pork), fish (with salmon, trout and mero (grouper), sushi (with shrimp, tuna, salmon), homemade pasta cooked fresh and with at least 7 or 8 selections of sauces, a huge salad bar with peeled shrimp, calamari, mussels and other fresh seafood, as well as a separate pizza and empanada (meat pasties) section. Best of all is its huge dessert table of at least 20 feet in length and has cakes, souffles, pies, dulce de leche, and 15 flavors of ice cream. 
Overnight at hotel of your choice

Day 2 - Buenos Aires
Breakfast at the hotel.  
Snap Shots of Buenos Aires (City Tour)   
Buenos Aires is an exceptional, dynamic, sophisticated and overwhelming city. An exquisite combination of a European flair and the charm of Latin American cities. This tour provides an in-depth introduction to its history and architecture, the culture of its people, anecdotes and secrets. A three-hour ride through the paradigmatic areas of the city: the lively and frenzied downtown area, the “aristocratic” northern neighborhoods and the working class districts in the south. The Buenos Aires highlights will be visited, acknowledging the transformation of a village that grew into a mega city.  (Duration 4: hs) 
Off the tourist track for lunch- Bodegones
Buenos Aires, as any big city around the world, has many unique places known only by locals. In our case we have the privilege to still have unique small places with lots of charm and character where guest can feel the local culture. We call them bodegones where you will see the Italian and Spanish influence, where portions are large and waiters are professionals. We like to offer this as a lunch option for groups. *Note that most of these places are small so for big groups we have to divide the group up. 
We can enhance the tour including some ideas such as:   
Option 1 - Let’s experience a wonderful ride on the original Subway with a coffee stop at Café Tortoni  
There are 5 subway lines running at the moment but this one, Line A, is the oldest and of course a very beautiful one!  From the Head Line Plaza de Mayo, we’ll ride for one station (just two blocks away) to get off at Peru Station, a well preserved station as in the origins. Advertisements from the early 40’s are still shown on their walls, transforming it into a live museum.  After a short visit, we’ll catch the next train and we’ll stop at Piedras Station.   Tickets will be purchased in advance, and delivered by the tour guide. It is the oldest train in the whole of South America. You can take photographs inside this magic and interesting place.  This wooden train which amazingly is still running will lead us to the Tortoni Café. 
Café Tortoni (the most traditional Cafe in Buenos Aires) It has been the gathering place for the intellectuals, such as the famous Tango singer Carlos Gardel, and Jorge Luis Borges, the father of Argentine literature, to famous tango dancers and popular politicians. The faces of years gone by are preserved in alleys of memories along the ancient wallpapered walls.  A gentle glow radiates from the chandeliers over the well-polished wooden tables that coffee has been served on since 1858.  
Option  2 - La Boca visit to the world-famous Club Atletico Boca Juniors
La Boca is home to the world-famous Club Atletico Boca Juniors, the biggest football club in Argentina—and possibly the whole continent. In the bowels of this stadium is a new, high-tech museum, with 72 digital video monitors playing highlights of the best seasons, and a 360° video show, which supposedly feels a bit like you’re playing for the club yourself. Guided visit to Boca Juniors museum and the interior of the stadium. The Stadium was inaugurated in 1940 and it was popularly renamed as "La Bombonera" (The Chocolate Box). At the entrance hall there is a mural painting by Benito Quinquela Martín, depicting the colours of the institution (blue and yellow). Another mural painting,  by Pérez Celis, featuring the club and the neighbourhood characters can be seen on the external facade.  The Museo de la Pasión Boquense (Boca Juniors Fans Museum) is located on Brandsen street, a short distance from the stadium. It exhibits a collection of objects and audiovisual production about the club history. We could stop for a short visit to the stadium.  
Option 3 Recoleta- short visit to Recoleta Cemetery
Evita was venerated by the Argentine working class, mocked by the grandes dames of Buenos Aires society, and misunderstood by the military establishment. Through all of this she came to symbolize a wealthy Argentina, full of pride and with great expectations immediately following the Second World War. Her meteoric rise from her beginnings as a poor villager in the backwaters of the interior to a status as one of the most intriguing, engaging, and powerful figures in a male-dominated culture is a tale worth retelling because of its uniqueness.   
Evening activities 
Deluxe vintage cars will pick passengers up after the show. A couple dressed in tango costumes will be at the hotel accompanying guest to their car.      
Tango Lessons
“TANGO” the most sensual of all dances under the guidance of an expert tango teacher and assistants. You will be taught posture, the language of the hands, the basic steps and figures (the "Eight", "Sandwich with Mirror", "Sandwich with fence, hook and Mirror", "The Walk"). (90 minutes lesson)  Lesson will take 1:30hs and will be given by 6 couple of instructors & 2 assistants. This can be adjusted according to the group.   
Venue to display this activity Palacio Rodriguez Peña or similar according to availability. Teachers will give Tango certificates to everyone in a “Tango ceremony”.   
Leather fitting at the hotel
Tourists choose the cities to visit due to their landscape – natural and urban-, their comfort, their people, and their culture. The city’s design has become one of most outstanding and renowned internationally, typical of the culture of Buenos Aires, appointed by the Unesco as “City of design” in 2005. We think it is a good option to benefit our guest with a personalized leather fitting and tea party at their hotel, so they get a chance to get tailor made items at a special prize.  
At evening enjoy a Dinner Tango Show 
Option 1: “La Esquina de Carlos Gardel”  
At the end of the XIXth. Century when the town of Buenos Aires was trying to become a city and the tango started to spread amongst the locals and immigrants, one of the  most picturesque quarters was “El Abasto”.  A working city during the day and a where the tango prevailed during the night.     
The Abasto neighbourhood, the main supply market to the city (hence its name, in Spanish, abastecer means to supply) witnessed the rise of a popular idol “ Carlos  Gardel”.  He grew up in this are and later became the personification of the tango itself. Today, more than 100 years later, “Esquina Carlos Gardel” opens its doors in the original site of the restaurant and hotel where Carlos Gardel gathered with his friends to dine and sing.  This tango club and restaurant, decorated in an Art Nouveau style, recreating the sophistication and luxury of the salons of old, with its up to date technology and first class artistic performances, together with a good cuisine, will guarantee and unforgettable night of tango.     
Second option: Gala Tango   
A unique place because of its architecture and decoration made of Gala Tango the place most distinguished of Buenos Aires. From the moment that you take the first contact with the Gala Tango till the last part of the show, you will feel you are in a different place and will live a real experience. Gourmet dinner to the menu, Tango & Folklore Show, among special wine list are services offered at Gala Tango.
The venue is located in the heart of San Telmo, very special & traditional “Tango area” of Buenos Aires.   
Third option : Rojo Tango 
Is the result of the vision and creative genius of Alan Faena and Philippe Starck, a new concept in hotels and entertainment. Conceived as a new lifestyle, it is unique in  its category and it represents the highest level of quality and service. It offers experiences carried out with emphasis on details and creativity. The design for each space is totally revolutionary as regards hotel design.   Inspired in the myth hotels and transatlantic ships of the beginning of the last century, it also offers a new concept through its UNIVERSE, which shelters the Market restaurant, the Swimming Pool with its Pool Bar, the Living Room, the Bistro restaurant, the Cabaret, the Academy and its Terrace – true stages to live the most amazing experiences.   
The Cabaret  
This show is a unique experiences not just a regular Tango show but also a special event in a unique location with a sophistic and refined menu.    
You will enjoy the most incredible Tango Show in an extraordinary place: THE CABARET, which will transport us to the atmosphere of the Cabarets and Tango   
Houses of the beginning of the Century. The choreography is a combination of modern and sensual tango dance; its live music creates an atmosphere, which will give you the sensation of being part of the whole thing.   
It is a must if you want to surprise and spoil your client with a venue which will make them feel really special and that they will have memorable experience.    
Overnight at hotel of your choice  

Day 3 - Buenos Aires
Buffet breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant.   
Opttion 1: Carriage ride through the country side- Full day programme 
During the tour visitors will get a closer look at the history and tradition of hamesses, characteristic of cart horses and a brief summary on each carriage. During the countryside excursion the carriages will herd cows, and according to the season cattle  features will be explained as well as which farming activity is being developed in the fields.  A Gaucho will show his horses following the lead, and we will be able to see a horse breed praised worldwide for its strength and ski for field work.   
Program description:  
11am Reception and visit of Cochera La Yunta de La Cruz (Carriage House) and its private collection of carriages. Appetizer at the Boliche La Grapa. Carriages and Horse Exhibition. Short Historical Summary and carriage outing. Stop at the mobile pulpería (local store) close to the stream. Nibbles, wine and guitar playing. 1pm   Arrival at Boliche La Grapa. Empanadas (Cornish pastry), asado (barbecue),  guitar playing and dancing. Wines from Escorihuela Gascón winery.  
3pm    Across Country.   
Cow herding and countryside horseback riding A criollo horse tropilla (troop of horses led by a lead mare) accompanies us on the excursion. Explanation on how to train horses to follow the lead of the tropilla Arrival at LA GRAPA Tea, coffee, mate and pastelitos (small cakes).  
5.30pm    End of crossing San Antonio de Areco 
History sightseeing tour in San Antonio de Areco 
A truly elegant way to ride around the historical area of this interesting town by horse-drawn carriages. Down to the " Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum"  and its Traditional Park where we drive up to the Creole herds of cattle and horses grazing in the fields. A two hour trip in authentic coaches around the town topped with a cheese and wine break nearby with Escorihuela Gascon exquisite wines.  
We can also add an Art & Culture tour visiting the workshops of the most outstanding silversmiths, raw hide platters, jewelers and poncho weavers.        
Option 2: Glamour of the Polo at La Aguada Polo Club- Full day programme  
The place to see and enjoy this sport it is certainly in Argentina. Argentine Polo it is undoubted he best in the world having being world champions since 1949. The ideal setting for this sport is the country side of Argentina where this sport has been a tradition since 1870. Argentina has the best Polo team in the world and the best horses which are required not only for local players but also for International patrons.  The horses used for Polo are called Petisos and they are highly demanded abroad. On this day we will part of this elite world at the best place Buenos Aires.   
La Aguada Polo Club is only 65 km away from Buenos Aires. La Aguada´s grounds and premises in Open Door are at our guests’ disposal; intended for breeding and training purposes as well as high goal polo practices.  Around 300 hectares, over 350 horses in the process of being trained, 5 polo fields and 2 stick-and-ball fields.   
In La Rosada, the main farmhouse, guests find the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a real farm life experience. It has a swimming pool, playroom, housekeeping services and close to it a polo field. There is also a soccer field. 
11:00hs  Welcome and reception (Champagne and Small meat pasties).  
11:30hs  Interview with a member of the Polo Team / Novillo Astrada family or a Polo Manager about the origin, history and present of La Aguada as a high goal polo team.    
Polo as a professional sport, the way polo ponies should be cared for and trained, polo ponies breeding and a high handicap polo organization in general  
12:30hs  Wine tasting  
13:00hs  “Asado Criollo” (Creole Barbecue) in the Main House (“La Rosada” – The Pink House)  
15:00hs  Polo Exhibition with professional polo players  
16:00hs  Polo Clinic Activities  
17:00hs  Light refreshments and snacks  
17:30hs  Farewell          
 “ASADO” (Barbecue)
- Reception:  Small meat pasties Farmhouse “chorizos” (highly seasoned, coarsely ground pork and beef sausages) and farm-made cheese nibbles  
- Lunch:  Rump tail  Flank 
Tenderized pork tenderloin Salads (green salads, other salads to be detailed)   
- Free-choice of dessert (one):  
Chocolate / Cream-flavoured ice-cream with chocolate sauce  
Chocolate / Dulce de leche (milk caramel) mousse Brownie and Cream-flavoured ice-cream with woodland fruit sauce  
- Beverages: Soft drinks (Coca-Cola/ Coca-Cola Light/ Sprite) Regular bottled water/ Sparkling water Escorihuela Gazcón wines 
Argentine wine tasting. A great opportunity to taste Argentinean wines in a non conventional place. Our wines are a “kept secret” among wine experts around the world; again this activity can take place in a very nice setting like the Polo field or the Estancia and add a spicy flavor to our experience.  It consists of a wine tasting of the most important wine regions of Argentina. There would be an introduction about the characteristics of each wine and the differences between the regions. Three stations will be set, one per region and 1 bilingual sommelier will be there to invite them tasting the wine and explain as much as they need. Sommeliers are from the Argentinean School of Sommeliers.   
- Coffee  
- Tea  
- Fancy biscuits
- Cakes: Lemon Pie, Browniebased cake, “Rogel” (layers of crisp dough, filled with milk caramel and topped with meringue), Apple Tart, Loafs.
EXHIBITION:  Guests may attend a polo practice in which professional players will be participating. Explanation of polo rules and the sport in general during the exhibition.  
POLO CLINIC: 1( Explanation and exhibition of the main polo swings.  Next, guests’ practice with ‘small sticks’ and a rubber ball on the football field.  2) Horses: guests may ride our ‘Polo School’ horses and try stick-and-ball sessions on our fields (4-5 horses).  
Note: We can also give gust a Polo T-shirt with the logo of the company.    
Dinner at Gardiner- River front Northern river side This restaurant is located on the northern area of Buenos Aires with river front. The ambiances is elegant but relax at the same time, its gastronomy is very good: simple dishes of local cuisine vey well served.  
Overnight at hotel of your choice

Day 4 - Buenos Aires
Buffet breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant.  Day for optional or at leisure  
Northbound towards San Isidro and Tigre
The northern outskirts of Buenos Aires are a beautiful area to visit. We first visit San Isidro, a traditional residential area better known the beauty of its cobbled streets and its prominent mansions including those built in the seventeen hundreds. We will also visit Tigre: the impressive entrance to the Paraná delta, with islands scattered all over the place all of which can only be accessed by water. We will appreciate the dense vegetation and houses on stilts during the hour long motor boat ride along some of its rivers. The journey ends with a stop at the local handcrafts and fruit supply market (Mercado de Frutos).  Journey: San Isidro’s historical neighborhood (1st Stop), Quinta Pueyrredón or Quinta Beccar Varela (2nd Stop), Tigre, Puerto de Frutos (3rd Stop), motor boat ride though the  Parana delta (4th Stop). Note: The tour can include lunch at San Isidro or Tigre. In that case the journey will be 7 hrs long.   
Shopping Tour for local Design Private shopping tour to the best Argentinean Designer’s showrooms. Personalized service and direct contact with the most and unique fashion, jewellery designers. Argentinean contemporary  design has surprised the world with its creations and which the cultural mix of our history. A very strong trend towards the authors work appears in Buenos Aires design products in the 90s, just like artist who develop original clothes and objects.    
Golf Day
As in other parts of the world, golf was introduced in Argentina by the British. The story goes that the Scotsman Henry Smith landed in Buenos Aires in 1879 with the first golf club bag, having a hard time passing them through customs, as the officer believed them to be camouflaged war weapons!!!!. There were no golf courses then, but yes, vast land extensions to practice the sport. Nowadays, golf is a very popular sport, and excellent courses are scattered all over the country. Any amount of top-class 18-hole courses with excellent maintenance lie within Buenos Aires and its environs. According to the date and size of the group, we organize the best suitable options, either to play at leisure or a tournament.  The specialized tour guide will pick up the passengers at the hotel of your choice and they will inform about the Golf Day at the club mentioned.  The program includes: Private transfer in / out from hotel to the course. Bilingual assistance during the whole day. Green fee. See Buenos Aires with a different activity: the experience will last approximately 3 and a half hours, riding a bike and visiting San Telmo, Dorrego Square, May Square and back to San Martin Square.  
Recoleta & Palermo Bike: 
the tour lasts 3 hours and a half, riding bikes and visiting Barrio Norte, Palermo, El Rosedal, Palermo Gardens, Recoleta Cemetery and back to San Martin Square.  Tour time: daily 09:30 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.    Meeting Point: San Martin Square, next to San Martin's monument (equestrian monument)   
Note: the bicycles, helmet, mineral water and bilingual bike tour assistant are included in the program. 
Night  Cruise in private for the group 
The Galileo Cruise is a nice and different option to see the city and to enjoy an informal drink and with friends. We will provide live entertainment drinks and finger food. The background of the wonderful view of Buenos Aires City, and imposing postcard of the beautifully lighted city. 
Overnight at hotel of your choice.

Day 5 - Buenos Aires/ El Calafate
Buffet breakfast at Leisure in the Hotel Restaurant.    
For nearly one hundred years Patagonia has been homeland of rugged sheep farmers whose lonely lives are the history of hardships endured in the vast country of southern Argentina.  The great Andes range creeps gradually close as it approaches the straits of Magellan and Patagonia becomes a spectacle of towering mountains, foaming rivers, growing glaciers and gentle creeks.  There is nothing more exciting and humiliating than nature seen in their marvelous wild distant country. All comfortably seen and experienced around Lago Argentino.  The town of Calafate centres the drives and lake crossings, the visits of the Moreno Glacier which uniquely grows, cracks and tumbles into the splashing lake; to the Upsala and Onelli glaciers…  
Meet And greet at Calafate airport and transfer in private bus with bilingual guides to the hotel.   Transfer of 20 minutes. 
Tour off road in 4x4 to Balcony of El Calafate 
From the traditional alternatives, the 4x4 experience is a substantially different option. In this regard, “Balcón de El Calafate” is doubtlessly an activity where visitors can feel both the adrenaline that the off-roading generates as well as the quietness created by the silence in that place. Moreover, visitors have the possibility of gazing at the immensity of a landscape where the steppe’s dryness gives way to civilization until it blends into the Argentino Lake and the mountains. The trip sets off from El Calafate to later on reach 1050 mts above sea level until it reaches the first Balcony where visitors enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the Eastern side of the Argentino Lake. With no clouds in the sky, visitors may also be able to see both the Chaltén and Torre mounts as well as the condor’s flight. The trip goes on until it reaches the Stones’ Labyrinth, an 85 million year-old Cretacic formation where vehicles start descending towards the “Sombreros” stones, the place chosen to have a snack and something to drink. Without leaving the Argentino Lake’s image behind, the trip back to Calafate begins in order to complete the 35 kilometre tour.  This activity is carried out by 4x4 trucks which can hold up to 6 people, apart from the  new XL vehicles with a capacity of 25 people, which offer a complete new alternative for groups. Both options can be required exclusively (aditional charge). 
It includes: a snack: coffee, tea and madeleines Duration: 3 hours 
Overnight at hotel of your choice. 

Day 6 - El Calafate
Buffet breakfast at Leisure in Hotel Restaurant  
A visit to the Glaciares National Park.  This park stretches parallel to the Andes for over 120 miles (200km).  On the boundary with Chile, lies the eastern side of the continental Ice Cap.  A majestic glacier that descends from the ice cap into the Lake Argentino, forming a barrier 3 km´s wide and 50 meters high.   The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the natural wonders of the world and a reminder of the Ancient Ice Age.  Enjoy the natural show of the thundering falling ice  from a wooden catwalk directly in front of the Canal de los Tempanos (Icebergs Canal) that separates the Brazo Rico from the main lake.  7 km Before the pathways, you embark to cross to the other side of the Rico Arm. On the other shore, specialised mountain guides greet the visitors and lead them to the very edge of the Glacier. There after placing crampons on their footwear, the group goes onto the frozen slopes always following their guides: groves, small lagoons of the most incredible blue colour, gullies were water disappears onto bottomless abysses are some of the experiences you will have during the walk.  
Minitrekking on the Moreno Glacier. It is a unique experience and a rare possibility of knowing the Glacier by walking on it with complete safety. 7 km. Before the pathways, you embark to cross to the other side of the Rico Arm. On the other shore, specialized mountain guides greet the visitors and lead them to the very edge of the Glacier. There after placing crampons on their footwear, the group goes onto the frozen slopes always following their guides: groves, small lagoons of the most incredible blue color, gullies were water disappears onto bottomless abysses are some of the experiences you will have during the two hour walk.   
Return to the hotel.  
Dinner at Casimiro Restaurant.  
Overnight at hotel of your choice.  

Day 7 - El Calafate
Buffet breakfast at Leisure in Hotel Restaurant  
A drive  bordering the southern edge of Lago Argentino to  Punta Bandera.  Board a motor boat or catamaran for the  trip  to the Upsala Glacier, the biggest of all 365 glaciers in the National Park. Cross L  ago Argentino and  the Boca del Diablo (Devil’s Mouth), the narrowest part of the lake (1km).  Then enter the northern arm (Brazo Rico) where a number of gigantic  blue icebergs will be seen at close quarters before reaching the  Upsalla Glacier. Upsala has a surface of 595 square kms and reaches about 60 mts above the lake’s level. The  excursion will then continue to Onelli Bay where subject to lake/weather conditions, you can take a short walk through woods up to Lake Onelli.  From its edge view four other glaciers: Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz and Heim. Return to the boat to begin the trip back to Punta.   
Dinner at Kau Yatun.   
Overnight at hotel selected 

Day 8 El Calafate - Buenos Aires
Morning transfer to the domestic airport to take flight to Buenos Aires  
Arrival to the Domestic Airport conexion flight to Iguazú.  
Welcome to Iguazu!
Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet where the Iguazu River joins the Parana River in the North-eastern province of Argentina called Misiones.  It is here where the Iguazu Falls (Big Water in the local Guarani language) plunges over hard granite into a wide gorge in a series of gigantic waterfalls 2 miles in length and more than 240 feet below. The thunderous roar of crashing water and the multicolored mist which rises above the falls is natural beauty and grandeur at its best.    
Arrival at Iguazú Airport (IGR)
Meet and greet by your bilingual guide transfer on private airconditioned motor coaches. Luggage handling at airport and hotel included. Cold mineral water available on bus.  
Before reaching the hotel, visit to the Argentinean side- Iguazu Falls National Park. The Upper, Lower and the Devil´s Throat Circuits.  Visitors first arrive to the Visitors Center and walk the Nature’s Interpretation Center.  At the Visitors Center, the Green Train leaves from central Station and goes first to Cataratas Station in about 8 minutes The option is a short walk through the “Green Trail” that leads to the beginning of the path  towards the Upper and Lower trails, right after Cataratas Station. Otherwise the same train goes on to Garganta del diablo Station.  
UPPER CIRCUIT:   The 800 meters of catwalks are detached from the jungle´s surface so as to protect the fauna by preventing disruption of their natural trails.  From this circuit you have an upper view of the falls, enjoying their magnificence with a panoramic view. Duration of the tour: one (1) hour.  
LOWER CIRCUIT: 1.600 meters of catwalks, also detached from the jungle’s surface, enjoying a view from below and around the falls. This circuit provides a unique experience of feeling part of the natural surroundings, watching and sensing their magnitude from close.  Duration of the tour: two (2) hours.  DEVIL´S GORGE:  Departing from Cataratas Station, the train goes up to Garganta Station in about 18 minutes. Then a walk along the catwalks, some 1200 meters over the islands, take you to enjoy the most spectacular sight from the most important balcony: the Devil’s Gorge.  Time required: two (2) hours.  
Options for Lunch inside the park, during the visit:  
1)La Selva Restaurant
Dining Room: the restaurant is at the main Visitors Center food-court of the Iguazú National Park, few meters from the Central Train 
Station and the Amphitheatre.  With 400 places, La Selva Restaurant stands as the biggest gastronomic local in the Falls Area. Its large windows and its interior decoration - different types of canes and many ornamental plants - make the room atmosphere harmoniously coherent with its natural surroundings, which allow feeling the magic of the Paranense Subtropical Jungle.  Menu: the     
daily buffet counts with varied cold and hot dishes, salads, pastas, desserts, grilled fish and pork, and the best of the typical Argentinean barbecue: ribs, rump steak, sausage, and many other regional cuts.  
2- Finger food, refreshing drinks and Guarani Music overlooking the falls.  A tasteful and refreshing lunch at the Iguazú Falls with finger food and fresh tropical fruit drinks while enjoying the magnificent views of the waterfalls, with typical music to cheer up the adventure day. At the Two sister’s water falls   
The Gran Adventure Tour ( 4X4 TRUCKS- SPEED BOAT)   
Board an open-air utility vehicle and amble into the heart of the jungle through lush tropical and sub-tropical flora and fauna. Pass under careening trees hosting birds of every colour and size, such as spirited and vocal parakeets, dazzling humming birds to the brightly colored Trogons. After this beautiful journey the vehicle will stop at the top of a path where by a short walk down to the river, below hanging orchids, and along side lush bamboo forests, and a host of fluttering butterflies we will reach a dock. At the waters edge we will board our zodiac-like boats and head up the lolling rapids of the river. We will pass below the steep cliffs of rock and encroaching jungle. Visible signs of the waters will burst into site at the great turn in the river where the water will become a boiling chocolate looking caldron. The boat captain will do the unthinkable as he heads the craft directly into the falls and douses his passengers in refreshing over spray from the towering and imposing falls above. The adventure will terminate as the boat returns and deposits its passengers back on shore. Approximate duration 1 hour .  
Transfer to the chosen hotel, arrival and check in.  
Dinner ar the hotel.  (Options):  
1) At the hotel Restaurant. In a reserved area for the group
2) Dinner at the Aripuca a venue at the Jungle. 
Gala Dinner at ARIPUCA
Within the area of Puerto Iguazú City, at some 15 km from the imposing Iguazú Falls, is the Aripuca, high scale model made of massive trunks from huge native trees, it is a traditional trap for birds used by the guaraní people. The site can be accessed from National Route Nr 12 with small or medium sized vehicles (minibuses or buses).     
As the guests descend from the vehicles the chamamé, typical music of the region played by a group of guitars and accordions welcomes them to the site. Following the path lighted with torches they will reach a bonfire where they will be received with a drink while a Guaraní Children Choir will perform their songs and dances around the fire. After their presentation, the guaraní children who belong to a local community in Puerto Iguazú living under their own traditional customs will present the guests with handcrafted necklaces. Afterwards a brief speech to introduce the “Aripuca” will be given.  As the guide finishes the speech the lights are turned on revealing the Aripuca in all its magnitude. The guests are invited to enter the Aripuca to admire from close while enjoying an appealing cocktail with a variety of canapés, surrounded with harp music played by the musicians standing at different levels on the trunks, While the guests are inside, the torches leading to another site are lit. The guide invites the guests to follow him along the torches, towards Las Termitas, only the candles are lit on the tables laid for Dinner inside. As the guests approach the dining room the lights are turned on revealing another amazing structure totally built in wood, pieces of trunks, branches and details delightfully arranged.
DINNER: Waiters and waitresses will be wearing the mensú typical outfit: canvas shoes, broad flared legged pants, cloth belt, shirt, bandana and broad brimmed straw hat or boinas and the music shall continue during dinner. The closing show will be performed by a Group of Regional Folkloric music that will remain until the end of dinner.  
DECORATION: The curtains made of burlap canvas match the rustic environment of this site, pots with natural plants and palm leaves are arranged inside around the tables. In winter time the brassieres help warming up the place. 
Bouquets and candle arrangements dress the tables for the night and candle lanterns add soft illumination.
-Sound and Lights Installations  
-Chemical Toilettes and clean up personnel during the service.  
-Option of Disc Jockey Service for dinner or for the organization of an after dinner party including last generation sound & lights devices.
20:00 Hs. Departure from the hotel  
20.20 Hs. Arrival at la Aripuca + Welcoming musical show + Aboriginal Children´  Choir and dancing + Cocktail
20.50 Hs. Dinner+Harps Show+Show of Regional and Latino American music
23:30 HS Transfer back to the Hotel.
Departing time from the hotel is scheduled according to the sunset time of the season.   
Day 9 - Buenos Aires/ Iguazu
Brazilian Falls Your morning will begin with a 40 min drive  to the Brazilian side of the falls which will give you your first encounter of the true magnitude of this natural wonder. Upon arrival to the park a transfer to one of the parks vehicles will be made and then we will continue on our way.  It is said that the “Argentine side provides the falls and the Brazilian side the views.” Here you will walk through paths high above the tumultuous river below. Dusky Swifts dart behind the cascading falls to  their nests, enjoy the escort of colourful butterflies, and the curious antics of the adorable little creature known as a Coati. Look high in the trees for the exotic Toco Toucans, and enjoy the bountiful flowers and bromeliads, which hang delicately from the trees and fauna around you. Walk to the furthest catwalk and bask in the over spray from the falls, or just enjoy the incredible view of over 216 falls plummeting before you. Important Note: Some nationalities needs visa to enter Brazil. Please check with the Brazilian Consulate    
Lunch at Puerto Canoas overlooking the Devil´s Gorge  
Puerto Canoas is the only restaurant located in the middle of the jungle with a breathtaking view of the Devil´s Gorge. We use to accommodate the groups on the terrace to enjoy this wonderful landscape. (Brazilian side). Then the group will be transferred to the Iguazu Airport to board flight back to Buenos Aires. 
After landing, the group will be transferred to the hotel in Buenos Aires to enjoy the last night in BA.  
Gala Dinner at the Yatch Club Puerto Madero
The Yatch Club was specially blueprinted and designed with all the technical advances by “Camper and Nicholson” built in England by European Marina’s Supplies Company with state of the art materials and techniques put up  together in Argentina by a foreign specialist.  
This club is one of the most exclusive and elegant places in Buenos Aires. It is located at Puerto Madero from where you can see the city. We can arrange the reception at the Terrace with livings where guest can sit down and relax. Dinner will be served in round banquet tables with flower arragements.  
Good bye Buenos Aires at Casa Minima The narrowest  house   
The recently restored narrowest house of the city, which for decades could only be admired from the outside, will today whisper stories and myths that can be listened to within the romantic walls of its centuries-old patio.  
The Narrowest House in BA, situated on land that used to be part of the large house, has retained its original materials from the early XVIII century. With its display of clay walls and hundred-year-old remains of old plaster, the small house beckons us to visit the corner, where the ghosts of early traditions of Buenos Aires intermingle with the myth of the emancipated slave, revalidated today through the oral tradition in the San Telmo neighborhood.   
If you feel you have seen almost everything Buenos Aires has to offer, please visit Casa Minima and let us surprise you.
Timings of the Event   
8:00 p.m.  Depart Hotel, each bus with a host  
8:15 p.m. Arrive at Casa Minima in the heart of the old San Telmo district.   
8:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. Guest will be invited to enter to the House at Pasaje San Lorenzo 380; cocktails will be served at the alley while a Jazz & Bossa Nova band will entertain the group. A full open bar and assortment of gourmet finger food will be offer during the reception. guide will introduce us to the World of Casa Minima and will teach us the archaeological importance of the site. The complete complex will have a lighting deco to create a great atmosphere.  
 9:15 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at banquet tables dressed in white/crème tablecloths (special decor with red roses and feathers, designed menus),  creative backdrop of tango atmosphere on stage where guest will enjoy a private performance of Tango dancing. During dinner we will enjoy more live soft music.  
10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.  Dessert and coffee service.  
11:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.  Return to hotel    
Overnight at Hotel of your choice 
 Day 10 - Buenos Aires/ Home
Buffet breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant.    
Then they will be transferred to the International Airport to board flight back home.    
***End of our services***

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Travel facts Argentina

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